Zoe Saldana “GMA” Video: Watch “Star Trek Beyond” Interview!

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Zoe Saldana GMA Video Star Trek

By Shari Weiss |

Zoe Saldana GMA Video Star Trek


Zoe Saldana appeared live on Monday’s “Good Morning America,” where she spoke about Star Trek Beyond and had an adorable interaction with a young fan. Watch below!

Speaking with Lara Spencer and Jesse Palmer, Saldana revealed production on the movie began just six months after she welcomed her twins. Fearing she wasn’t back to her old self, the actress told everyone she wanted to take it easy. But after spying a double on set, “I ended up doing my own stunt, which was pretty cool.”

Palmer pointed out that Saldana is part of three major franchises in the same genre: Star Trek, Avatar, and Guardians of the Galaxy. What’s the attraction? “I was raised by mom, who’s a little sci-fi buff,” she explained, noting that she and her sister were always fascinated by space.

Saldana also spoke about raising her boys while being a working mom, saying, “It’s hard. I wish I could say it’s easy. I know a lot of moms and fathers will identify. It’s difficult to part with them, but I know the best example I can give them is to see their parents like fighting for their dreams.”

And a kid was actually invited to join the segment. Spencer introduced a little girl as one of Saldana’s biggest fans, and she asked the movie star, “When are you going to be captain of a starship?” Saldana revealed that she actually gets to serve in that role, to an extent, in this film, and she “loved” it.

Then, as Spencer was wrapping up the interview, the girl interrupted and announced she had “something else to talk to her about.” Check out the video below to see what happened!


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