Zoe Kravitz Tells Fans To “Calm The F*ck Down” After Amy Schumer Woman Crush Wednesday Backlash (PHOTO)

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Zoe Kravitz Amy Schumer

By Minyvonne Burke |

Zoe Kravitz Amy Schumer

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Zoe Kravitz lashed out at critics on Wednesday telling them to “calm the f*ck down” after she was attacked for making Amy Schumer her “Woman Crush Wednesday” on Instagram. Earlier in the day, Kravitz shared a photo of the comedian topless holding a microphone, writing, “#wcw #wce I love you @amyschumer… like, I f*cking LOVEEEE YOU. You just like, get me, ya know??? Just like… yeah.” See the photo below.

Apparently, a few of Kravitz’s fans didn’t agree with her making Schumer her “Woman Crush Wednesday.” One fan named “shaniabby” commented, “Like I can’t believe you out of all people would support her? She is trash!” Another Instagram user who goes by “Maramnnn” explained, “They don’t like that Zoe is supporting someone who has been racist (among other things) in her stand-up.”

A few hours after Kravitz’s original post about Schumer, she took to Instagram again to slam people for criticizing her. Alongside another photo of the actress-comedian, Kravitiz wrote, “Ok. For all the haters giving me sh*t for posting @amyschumer as my #wcw… This one is for you! I can’t believe that I have to explanation (sic) this, but u do realize that thru her ‘crude’ comedy she’s commenting on, and making an example of the darkest, most uncomfortable parts of humans in this day and age.” She added the hashtags “#overyourhead #thickenyourskin #itsCOMEDY #calmthef*ckdown.”

What do you think about the backlash Zoe Kravitz received for making Amy Schumer her WCW?


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