Zendaya Gets New Dog ‘Noon’ On Christmas Following Death Of ‘Midnight’ (PHOTO)

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Zendaya New Dog

By Michael Lewittes |

Zendaya New Dog


Zendaya got a new dog on Christmas Eve, just two months after her beloved schnauzer Midnight died in October, and she’s beyond “thankful.” The singer and actress posted a photo on Instagram of her new dog Noon on Christmas, along with a note about once again being able to feel love. See the picture below.

Following the death of Midnight, who she had for 11 years, Zendaya grieved terribly. At the time, she wrote alongside a photo on Instagram of the deceased dog, “Thank you for being one of the most loyal men in my life, for loving me unconditionally and for cuddling me when ever I needed.” She added, “I love you more than you’ll ever know… I’m not really sure how to get use to a house without your cute paws clinking around.”

But on Christmas Eve, part of Zendaya’s broken heart was mended with the arrival of another schnauzer. On Christmas Day, she posted a picture of her new dog, and wrote, “Most of you know I lost my baby Midnight a while ago, and I thought I could never love another pet again…until this little angel was given to me on Christmas Eve…he’s literally a mini Midnight…”

Zendaya noted, “He peed on my bed 3 times last night and I didn’t care, I mean look at that face. What a beautiful gift…right when I needed it the most. I’m so thankful for this little man, welcome to the world Noon. #Noon #seewhatididthere #imamommy.”

Gossip Cop hopes Zendaya and Noon share many more years and Christmases together, filled with happy memories.




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