How Zendaya Feels About Her Passionate Fanbase

Zendaya in tan top and silver necklaces with her hair up on an orange/dark background

By Elyse Johnson |

Zendaya in tan top and silver necklaces with her hair up on an orange/dark background

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Zendaya has successfully transitioned from Disney child-star to humble adult actress. The singer and actress gained recognition for her role as K.C. Cooper on Disney’s K.C. Undercover. From there, Zendaya began to take supporting roles like her portrayal of MJ in Spiderman: Homecoming. As a result, she’s gained a huge and dedicated fanbase.

Her portrayal of the troubled teen Rue on the HBO series Euphoria has only increased her number of fans. The show follows Rue’s attempt to assimilate back into the real-world after nearly dying from a drug overdose. It also revolves around Rue’s friends and fellow classmates who are also struggling with some form of addiction.

The show is a complete shift for the actress as it does deal with more mature and controversial themes than what her first fans may be used to. Others, however, don’t seem to be fazed by it. It’s not much of a surprise that the actress hasn’t lost any fans since taking on such a dramatic role. Because Zendaya has a sweet personality and humble spirit, it’s easy to see why she has such a large fanbase that’s so passionate about her and her career. Most celebrities have their own unique way of handling their admirers, and Zendaya is no different.

Zendaya’s got a lot of love from her fans

It’s not easy being able to balance your private life when constantly in the public eye. Somehow, Zendaya manages to handle herself very well. When it comes to her fans, it appears that her admirers know more about her than imagined. The actress shared during an interview with Allure that she thinks her fans “understand” her and her laid-back nature. “I think my fans pretty much understand me. They know I don’t leave my house, they know that I’m lazy, they know that I’m pretty open but also pretty private,” the actress stated.

In a 73 Questions video with Vogue, the actress was asked a few questions about her massive fanbase. “What’s been the coolest thing you’ve learned from a fan?” the interviewer asked. “My fans, they keep me on my toes,” Zendaya laughed. “They keep me politically aware, they keep me socially aware, and they always correct my grammar and spelling. Okay, I get it, I know I can’t spell, okay?”

She’s capable of being both kind and clever

In regards to her being open with her fans, the actress doesn’t shy away from her followers, but she treats them as humans  — even when they make simple mistakes. Earlier this year, Zendaya encountered one of her fans’ mothers that assumed she was on 13 Reasons Why. The incident happened while she was visiting her hometown of Oakland, California. The fan shared the video of the meeting on his Twitter page, and in the video, his mother mistakenly said the star was on the Netflix drama. Zendaya politely corrected the fan’s mother rather than embarrass her.

“I try to keep in mind that everyone is dealing with something we have no idea about, you know?” she told Vogue. “So I just try to have compassion for them.”

When it comes to her how she personally interacts with her fans, the actress knows that there are some boundaries. Just two months ago, a fan that was frustrated with Zendaya’s lack of social media posts tweeted at her and asked if she was even alive. Instead of being apologetic or angry, the actress simply replied, “You know, you can live and not tweet”.