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Did Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi “dump” Zendaya for Kaia Gerber? One tabloid asked whether the supermodel was the real reason behind Elordi’s apparent split from his co-star. Gossip Cop investigates.

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Zendaya "Dumped" For Kaia Gerber?

Life & Style is reporting that “friends” of Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are wondering if The Kissing Booth actor left the former Disney actress for the 19-year-old model. After paparazzi photos of Elordi and Kaia Gerber emerged, seemingly confirming the two’s relationship status, an alleged insider for the outlet said,

Everyone’s excited about them dating, but there was one person who was left scratching her head.

Zendaya, the tabloid insisted, may have been left confused, after she was rumored to be dating Elordi since shortly after they met on the set of the hit HBO series Euphoria in 2019. The two had been photographed in public several times, including when they were caught together on an apparent vacation in Greece by a fellow tourist.

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Jacob Elordi Moves On With Supermodel

The last time the two were seen together in public was in February, when they were spotted cozying up to each other in New York City. Since then, the couple, who never officially acknowledged the relationship, had been quiet. Apparently they must have broken up sometime between then and September, because it would appear that Elordi has moved on with Gerber. The so-called “insider” snitched,

The big question now is did Jacob dump Zendaya for Kaia?

According to the tipster, Elordi and Zendaya’s friends were of two minds on the question. “Their friends are split 50/50. Jacob’s pals swear he just moved on, while Zendaya’s besties seem to think there was something fishy going on behind the scenes,” the source concluded.

Jacob Elordi wearing a dark gray suit at the LA Premiere Of HBO's Euphoria
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Gossip Cop's Take

Here are the facts. Zendaya and Elordi were last seen together in public in February, and Elordi and Gerber went public in September. There’s a giant, seven-month gap between the two events. That’s plenty of time for Zendaya and Elordi to break up - if they were ever officially dating - and for Elordi and Gerber to get together without there being any chance of overlap. The outlet is taking some unknown, unverified “insider’s” speculation about speculation and reporting on it as if it means anything. Gossip Cop sees zero evidence that there was any crossover between the Australian actor’s relationships with Zendaya and Gerber, which is why this story is probably false.

This outlet has gotten a lot of things wrong about Kaia Gerber’s romantic life, which is probably one of the biggest reasons Gossip Cop finds it so difficult to take Life & Style seriously. Back when Gerber was dating Pete Davidson, the outlet claimed the supermodel’s friends were warning her that the relationship was moving too fast. The outlet believed Gerber was planning to elope with Davidson, but these allegations were denied by Gerber’s rep and obviously this never happened.

The tabloid also reported that Kendall Jenner was threatened by Gerber’s swift rise in the world of modeling, but Gossip Cop found that to be a false rumor as well. It’s safe to say that we have trust issues when it comes to this particular gossip rag.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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