Zedd Gave Selena Gomez “Shocking Justin Bieber Ultimatum,” Claims Made-Up Story

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Zedd Selena Gomez Fight

By Daniel Gates |

Zedd Selena Gomez Fight

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Did Zedd give Selena Gomez a “shocking Justin Bieber ultimatum” after she liked one of her ex-boyfriend’s Instagram videos? HollywoodLife says so, because HollywoodLife will say pretty much anything!

As soon as Gomez clicked “like” on a short video of Bieber and Hailey Baldwin goofing around with a hula hoop, the HollywoodLife speculation machine shifted into high gear. First came a post asking whether Gomez was “sending [Bieber] a sign” with her like. Then came a phony story about Bieber allegedly inviting Gomez to Coachella. And finally came the most hilarious speculative reach of them all.

The site wrote, “Oh no! Zedd is not happy that Selena liked Justin’s Instagram video, and thinks it’s a ‘shot’ right at him and their relationship, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. He’s becoming so fed up by her ‘games’ with Justin that he’s giving Selena an ultimatum.” Oh, really?

Here’s what someone pretending to be a HollywoodLife “source” exclusively tells the outlet: “The liking of the Instagram is just a shot at Zedd because he is all about his album and work and not focusing all of his attention on her. Zedd has realized he really hates these childish games she is playing and is really getting over her. Zedd doesn’t want to be a tabloid guy, he wants to be an artist and the games Selena plays puts her in the news all the time. He has given her an ultimatum, lose Justin or lose him.”

Wow, a phony quote that manages to insult Gomez and have insight into what Zedd is supposedly thinking, even though HollywoodLife is the same site that has gotten dozens of stories about Gomez, Zedd and Bieber wrong in recent weeks, including the outrageously false claim that Gomez and Zedd were engaged.

HollywoodLife looks for any excuse to stir controversy. The fact that Gomez’s “like” of Bieber’s post has led to a flurry of contradictory, made-up “exclusives” from the site is not evidence that HollywoodLife is magically in the know. It’s proof that HollywoodLife will say pretty much anything for cheap traffic.

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Zedd gave Selena Gomez a Justin Bieber ultimatum.


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