Zayn Malik Twitter Was Hacked, Singer Tweets Response

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Zayn Malik Twitter hacked

By Michael Lewittes |

Zayn Malik Twitter hacked

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Zayn Malik was hacked on Saturday night. The former One Direction singer’s Twitter account liked several tweets for no apparent reason and were later unfavorited by Malik himself, who tweeted #f**kboyhack.”

On Saturday night, a hacker liked a tweeted by @OpportunityLives, which tweeted a remark made by GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, who earlier in the day said, our “policies are created by people who never spent a day poor.” Governor Huckabee made the comment in Columbia, South Carolina while speaking at the Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity, which had presidential a handful of candidates discussing poverty.

Another tweet supposedly liked by Malik was a month-old message from fan named @ikalmeshh_, who wrote, “@zaynmalik hi I love gigi :D,” referencing the singer’s new girlfriend Gigi Hadid. And there were a few other tweets that seemed to have been liked by Malik, including one from a cartoonist from Italy, who posted a drawing of Malik hugging Louis Tomlinson from behind, with the caption, “Check the progress of this sketch on snapchat! I’m aki-anyway #zouis.”

After realizing that his account had been hacked, Malik later unliked the half-dozen tweets that had been favorited, prompting the cartoonist @aki_anyway to later note on twitter, “I think zayn was hacked… He unfaved a few tweets other than my zouis art, It’d be amazing if he would fav it again tho.”

Malik confirmed later that he had been hacked, simply tweeting late Saturday “#f**kboyhack.” No one has taken credit yet for hacking the newly solo singer’s account.


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