Zayn Malik’s Sister Did NOT Speak Out About “Rumors” — Instagram Is FAKE

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Zayn Malik Sister Safaa Instagram

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Sister Safaa Instagram


Zayn Malik’s sister has NOT spoken out on his decision to leave the One Direction tour, despite what less reputable webloids want readers to believe. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was announced on Thursday that Malik has temporarily left the One Direction “On The Road Again” tour due to stress. While the rest of the group is in Asia, Malik flew home to England for some personal time with his family. The decision came one day after Malik slammed rumors that he had cheated on his fiancée Perrie Edwards.

In the wake of the announcement, HollywoodLife seized upon an Instagram message purportedly posted by Malik’s younger sister, Safaa. The post read:

“Don’t worry guys, Zayn is going to be okay very soon. All the stress has just gotten to him because of the rumours and hatred he has heard and received, It’s really hurting him, some people are just giving him to much. People need to realize my brother is human to, stop hating him because he hasn’t done anything to anybody, except for defending himself because of what people heard of what he did, but it isn’t true. I love my brother to death, and I do not want to lose him for anything, it hurts me to see him not feeling good. Please pray for my brother, please help him because I know he will be okay :-) please stop sending him hate and getting on him for what he has ‘did.'”

That’s a pretty sweet note… if it weren’t posted by an IMPOSTER. The first tip-off the account wasn’t legit? The username is “@safaaamaliik,” which misspells Malik’s last name. But it’s not surprising that a fake “news site” like HollywoodLife would quote a fake Instagram account. If the webloid cared at all about accuracy, it would’ve taken the time to fact-check before running with the story.

Gossip Cop chose to investigate instead of ignoring ethics just for the sake of cheap traffic. A rep for One Direction now confirms the Instagram purported to belong to Malik’s sister is 100 percent FAKE.


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