Zayn Malik Shades Perrie Edwards: Fifth Harmony Song “Better” Than Little Mix Single

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Zayn Malik Shades Perrie Edwards Little Mix

By Michael Lewittes |

Zayn Malik Shades Perrie Edwards Little Mix

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Zayn Malik shaded his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards and her band, saying the all-female group Fifth Harmony’s song “Worth It” is better than Little Mix’s single “Black Magic” (see below). The unsubtle move did not go unnoticed, resulting in the worldwide trending topic of “#ZAYNHASNOCHILL.”

This is how it happened. The Twitter account “Shady Music Facts,” which uses the handle @musisnews_shade, posts facts about musicians, often comparing one against the other. For example, the account recently tweeted that Kanye West’s total album sales are 25 million while Eminen sold 27 million records alone with his album “The Eminem Show.” “Shady Music Facts” also sometimes asks its followers to choose which song it likes best between similar groups by either retweeting or favoriting its tweet. Late on Friday, the Twitter account asked, “Which is the better single? Retweet – ‘Worth It’ by Fifth Harmony. Favorite – ‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix.” Malik retweeted the account’s question, meaning he felt Fifth Harmony’s single “Worth It” is “better” than Edwards’ song “Black Magic.”

Following his retweet, Twitter users trended he hashtag “#ZAYNHASNOCHILL,” with comments such as @1996ftzarry’s “Zayn went from promoting LM to throw shade to LM real quick,” and @risenharry’s “zayn finally shaded LM and i couldn’t be happier.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Malik called off his engagement to Edwards in mid-July, leaving her reportedly “devastated.” When asked about the breakup during an interview with E! in early August, Edwards only answered, “I’m good.”

Check out the photo below, showing Malik retweeting his support for Fifth Harmony’s single “Worth It” over Little Mix’s “Black Magic,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

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