Zayn Malik Still NOT Returning To One Direction, “#ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26” Twitter Trend Is FALSE (EXCLUSIVE)

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Zayn Malik Returning One Direction

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Returning One Direction

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Zayn Malik is STILL not returning to One Direction, despite “#ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26” becoming a top Twitter trend on Friday. A rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claim is FALSE.

The hashtag trended both in the United States and worldwide as Directioners speculated about an announcement or reunion that would supposedly come on Sunday, at the group’s Minneapolis concert. Some seemed to be taking it quite seriously, tweeting over and over about it being “true.” One fan even wrote, “ALL IM SAYIN IS DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!! NOTHING IS CONFIRMED YET BUT THERE HAS BEEN A FEW SIGHTINGS.”

It seems the rumor may have been sparked by Malik and Liam Payne exchanging tweets on Thursday. As Gossip Cop reported, even though Malik is no longer in the group, Payne included him in his tribute message about the boy band’s fifth anniversary. An appreciative Malik retweeted the message, and wrote to his former colleague, “Thanks bro!”

Others fans, however, were rightly skeptical of the new trend, such as the person who exclaimed, “IF I HAD A DOLLAR FOR EVERY TIME OUR FANDOM JOKED ABOUT ZAYN COMING BACK.” Indeed, a similar rumor spread on Twitter with the hashtag “zayniscomingback” in June. Gossip Cop corrected the allegation then, and we can do so again now.

Despite some fans’ wishes, and Malik being on better terms with the guys lately, he is NOT returning to One Direction. And while it seems some people have just been trending the rumor out of boredom, Gossip Cop sincerely wishes it would stop, as the confusion doesn’t help anyone.


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