It’s Wrong to Post Paparazzi Photos of Zayn Malik After He Begged For “Private Time”

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Zayn Malik Paparazzi

By Michael Lewittes |

Zayn Malik Paparazzi

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Zayn Malik said he was quitting One Direction because he wanted to live his life in “private” and “out of the spotlight,” and yet fewer than 24 hours later, TMZ and the Daily Mail splashed pictures of the 22-year-old singer trying to remain anonymous in London. Gossip Cop supports a free press, but this seems particularly violative.

Had Malik said, “I’m quitting because it’s no more fun,” then taking photos of him would seem well within bounds. But after dropping out of the Asian leg of the On The Road Again tour because of “stress,” and then saying he was permanently leaving the band to live a “private” life “out of the spotlight,” it feels like TMZ, the Daily Mail, and the paparazzi agencies that staked out Malik have crossed the line.

TMZ published two photos of Malik, one looking surprised and the other in which he’s put his head down. The site then editorializes that he must have been thinking, like his millions of fans, “OMG, what the hell have I done?” But in reality, the photos are of a guy who seems shocked and saddened that the one thing he requested, privacy, has been trampled on again. Similarly, the Daily Mail also published intrusive pictures of Malik as he made his way into a studio.

If Malik attends an event or party, then the paparazzi have all the right to take pictures of him, but if he’s trying to live his life privately, there’s no need for photographing him and adding to the “stress” with which he’s already struggling. And while Gossip Cop will continue to report stories related to Malik and his decision to quit One Direction, you will not see unauthorized photos of him on our site anytime soon. What do you think about TMZ and the Daily Mail publishing photos of Malik a day after asking for privacy?


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