Zayn Malik: Huffington Post Apologizes For ISIS Tweet

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Zayn Malik ISIS Huffington Post

By Andrew Shuster |

Zayn Malik ISIS Huffington Post

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Zayn Malik’s photo was used on the Huffington Post’s Twitter page on Friday to promote an article titled “What ISIS Wants.” The website quickly apologized and deleted the image after some users pointed out it accidentally insinuated the former One Direction star is involved with the terrorist group. See the original tweet below.

Along with a screenshot of its initial tweet, the site’s follow-up post read, “We apologize for the original image here. Zayn Malik is mentioned in the story, but is obviously not part of ISIS.”

The article is about the “gray zone of coexistence” between Muslims and non-Muslims in the western world. Malik is cited as an example of a famous Muslim who rejects the radical ideology of the terror group, and has embraced the cultural principles of the West.

But despite it being clear in the text that Malik is among the many westernized Muslims of the world, his picture below the article’s aforementioned headline caused confusion. The misunderstanding comes just one week after the singer was hit with a barrage of hate on Twitter when a ridiculous rumor spread that Malik was one of the gunman involved in the ISIS Paris attacks.

Check out the Huffington Post’s original tweet, and subsequent apology, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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