Zayn Malik NOT In Grocery Store After ‘Cancelling’ On ‘The Voice,’ Still Performing

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Zayn Malik Grocery Store The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Grocery Store The Voice

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Zayn Malik was not in a grocery store after “cancelling” on “The Voice,” despite a report wrongly accusing him of playing “hooky.” Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

The repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife blares in a headline, “Zayn Malik Caught Grocery Shopping After Mysteriously Canceling ‘The Voice’ Performance.” The bad blog writes in the accompanying story, “Is Zayn Malik playing hooky on ‘The Voice’ for the grocery store? The day after Zayn cancelled his performance on the show’s finale, he was spotted grocery shopping in Los Angeles.”

The webloid goes on to exclaim “caught ya,” and states, “If Zayn thought he was safe from the spotlight while getting groceries, he better think again — cameras captured his mysteriously timed visit to the shop!” The site adds, “Surely when a superstar cancels such a huge performance, there’s some major reason for the no-show. Without any details as to why Zayn had to cancel, though, it’s hard not to pinpoint grocery shopping as at least one of his excuses after seeing the pictures!”

Enough. Allow Gossip Cop to set the record straight. Malik did pull out of Monday’s taping, but only did so because he was ill. He went to set on Tuesday and filmed a performance that will air as planned on Tuesday night’s finale. Contrary to HollywoodLies’ piece, he is not performing “LIVE!”

But more importantly, the outlet’s attempt at character assassination is based on a completely manipulated premise. Malik was NOT in a grocery store after postponing his “Voice” taping. The picture the site claims was taken on Tuesday is actually old. In fact, we’re told the woman in the snapshot with him actually went back to London days ago.

Malik’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the HollywoodLife’s version of events is “false.” We’re further told, “Zayn was scheduled to tape an appearance on ‘The Voice’ yesterday but had to postpone due to illness. The shows producers were very understanding Zayn’s performance was taped today and will appear in the show finale as intended.”

Malik did not play “hooky.” There is no “mystery.” There’s only HollywoodLife spreading lies.

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Zayn Malik was grocery shopping after cancelling his appearance on ‘The Voice.’


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