One Direction Fans Mark “Five Months Without Zayn Malik”

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Zayn Malik Five Months One Direction

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Five Months One Direction

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One Direction fans are marking the five-month anniversary of Zayn Malik quitting. And unlike most anniversaries, this isn’t a happy one for most Directioners.

On Tuesday, August 25, “#5monthswithoutzayn” became the top trending topic both in the United States and worldwide. Malik, of course, infamously announced his departure from One Direction on March 25, blowing up social media and nearly breaking the internet. In the time since, One Direction has performed countless shows without Malik, but he very much remains connected to the band.

The last five months have seen Malik openly feud with Louis Tomlinson, thank Liam Payne for recognizing him on One Direction’s fifth anniversary last month, and praise “Drag Me Down,” the group’s first single without him. Malik also signed a solo deal with RCA Records, and is working on an album, even though he initially said he was leaving One Direction to be a “normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.” Gossip Cop has also repeatedly busted false rumors that wrongly claimed Malik was going to re-join the band.

With all those ups and downs, One Direction fans still seem to be mourning Malik’s exit. “I miss you, and I might be called stupid, but im still hoping that one day you’ll come back,” tweeted one fan Monday morning.” Another similarly wrote, “Everyday I still miss him hoping he will come back. I just hope he’s happy with whatever he does.” Someone else even declared, “I can’t believe its been 5 months since the worst day of my life.”

One Directioner noted it’s not just Malik that is missed, but his relationship with the rest of the guys, writing, “I miss Ziam. I miss Zarry. I miss Ziall. I miss Zouis.” A different individual posted, “It will always be 5/5 to me, zayn will always be one of my boys.” And yet another tweeted, “Zayn will always be the fifth member of one direction.”

Still, some fans are slowly moving on, such as the person who wrote, “This is the first time I haven’t cried while reminiscing about Zayn. I’m making progress.” And others are accepting of Malik’s new direction. “At the start I was in tears but I’m honestly so proud of zayn he’s grown as person and did what made him happy,” said one fan.

Interestingly, the five-month Malik mark comes just two days after it was revealed the rest of One Direction will be taking a break next year. TELL US: What do you think of fans still coming to terms with Malik quitting One Direction?


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