Zayn Malik “Desperate To Defend” Gigi Hadid Is Fake News

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Zayn Malik Defend Gigi Hadid

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Zayn Malik Defend Gigi Hadid

(Yolanda Hadid/Instagram)

Zayn Malik has a history of coming to Gigi Hadid‘s defense, but no one is really telling HollywoodLife that he’s “desperate” to do so again. Gossip Cop can explain how this story is an instance of real news being twisted into fake news.

Earlier this week, it was announced Gigi Hadid will walk in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which will take place in Shanghai for the first time. After the location and Hadid’s participation were revealed, some on social media started bad-mouthing the model, insisting she shouldn’t be welcome in China after seemingly mocking Asians by squinting her eyes in a Snapchat video back in February. At the time, Hadid was accused of being racist, and now that criticism has resurfaced. That’s where the real news ends.

Here’s where the fake news begins: “Zayn Malik Desperate To Defend Gigi Hadid After Racist Accusations,” reads the headline of an “exclusive” from HollywoodLies, which claims it “EXCLUSIVELY learned” he “can’t stand to see” his girlfriend “hurting over the racist accusations made against her.” A so-called “source close to the supermodel” is quoted as saying, “Zayn is furious people are accusing Gigi of being racist. He’s begging her to let him go on a Twitter rant defending her but she’s asked him to stay quiet for now. She doesn’t want him feeding the trolls.”

The webloid is trying to play this two ways. If Malik does tweet, it can claim it was right about him wanting to defend Hadid. If he doesn’t, the site can claim it was right about Hadid requesting he “hold back.” Just like the tabloids, the bad blog often tries to cover itself. But HollywoodLies can’t cover up the fact that this story is inauthentic. The assertion that Malik wants to go on a Twitter rant defending Hadid isn’t really coming from a “source.” It’s coming from the singer’s own past.

He tweeted in defense of Hadid during the original controversy earlier this year, which led to additional angry messages as the backlash grew. (As previously reported, Malik said he was called “ignorant” and a “terrorist.”) Because Malik did that before, it’s not exactly a stretch to think he’d be upset now and want to defend her again. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly pointed out, HollywoodLies likes to take hot topics (in this case, Hadid doing the fashion show in China) and craft “exclusives” around it (Malik wanting to defend Hadid from haters) for the sake of traffic. But far from being pieces of genuine reporting, these are often fake news stories that contain information anyone could guess.

That is all that’s going on here. By the way, while HollywoodLies is also maintaining a “devastated” and “distraught” Hadid has been “crying a lot” over the situation, she actually looks pretty happy in the above photo from yesterday.

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