Zayn Malik NOT “Moving On” With Zendaya, Despite Reports

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Zayn Malik Zendaya Dating

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Zendaya Dating


Zayn Malik is NOT “moving on” from Perrie Edwards with Zendaya, despite reports. Gossip Cop can correct the claim.

The rumor first started in The Sun, which alleged Malik is “particularly taken” with the Disney actress and “Dancing with the Stars” alum. A so-called “insider” claimed to the British tabloid, “Zayn is talking to a lot of ladies very casually, but Zendaya is the most high-profile. He said they should get in the studio together as they both have a similar R&B vibe, and he’s been talking about fashion as she’s in London working with Vivienne Westwood.”

The supposed source even added, “It’s just chatting at the moment but his pals think they’ll meet up to record something soon.” That was enough for HollywoodLife to run with the story without any fact-checking whatsoever. (see photo above). The fabrication factory, which masquerades as a “news” site, couldn’t help but exclaim, “OMG! How exciting would a Zayn and Zendaya collaboration be?”

Sure, a collaboration might be nice, but there’s NOTHING business-related, much less romantic, going on between the two stars. Zendaya herself even MOCKED the allegation on Twitter, revealing they have “literally NEVER met.” She added the hastag, “#gottaloveit.” Gossip Cop is glad to see Zendaya can keep a sense of humor about false stories, and we’re more than happy to help set the record straight.

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Zayn Malik is moving on from Perrie Edwards with Zendaya.


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