Zayn Malik Urged To “Cancel Engagement” To Perrie Edwards, One Direction Fans Come To His Defense (PHOTO)

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Zayn Malik Cancel Engagement

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Cancel Engagement


One Direction fans went to war… with each other… on Tuesday, when a Twitter controversy erupted around Zayn Malik’s engagement to Perrie Edwards.

On Tuesday morning, “#CANCELYOURENGAGEMENTZAYN” began trending both worldwide and in the United States. The hashtag encouraged the former One Direction singer to break up with fiancée Perrie Edwards. As Gossip Cop has reported, the couple has been engaged for nearly two years. Last month, we debunked false speculation that they had secretly wed.

But the two have not yet tied the knot, and some Malik fans are hoping they never do. A number of Directioners blame Edwards for Malik quitting One Direction. As Gossip Cop noted when he departed in March, Edwards was quickly branded “Yoko Ono,” and was even sent death threats on social media. Liam Payne later said Malik indeed left to spend time with Edwards, though she has denied having involvement in her longtime boyfriend’s decision.

In this new round of hate centered around Malik’s relationship with Edwards, people tweeted comments like, “why does zayn have to get engaged to the white trash of all white people he deserves way better.” One person even said of the hashtag, “This is actually genius tbh.” But far more Directioners came to Malik’s defense and began trending “#RESPECTZAYN” in response.

“yall so ugly this is why zayn left,” tweeted one person. Another admitted, “I hate Perrie & i do not ship Zerrie but you can’t trend things like this to hurt him you just have to respect it.” Someone else sarcastically wrote, “Sure he will just because it is trending worldwide.”

A different person pointed out, “Don’t force Zayn to stop his engagement. It’s his life. And we’re not part of it anymore. Accept it.” One individual observed, “This trend is a very good example why people think we’re all a bunch of 12 year olds.” And yet another remarked, “I hate Perrie & i do not ship Zerrie but you can’t trend things like this to hurt him you just have to respect it.”

Malik actually came online during the hysteria, and was either naively unaware of what was going on OR actually dished the ultimate shade. The singer posted a photo of himself squinting (see above), and wrote in a follow-up tweet, “Need the sunnies today.” TELL US: What do you think of Malik’s engagement to Edwards once again dominating Twitter?


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