Zayn Malik Beats 1 Video: Being In One Direction Was “Amazing,” But “This Is For Me” — WATCH INTERVIEW!

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Zayn Malik Beats Radio 1 Video

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Beats Radio 1 Video


Zayn Malik says being in One Direction was “amazing,” but his new solo career should be seen as something totally “separate.” Check out the video below.

During his Beats 1 Radio interview with Zane Lowe, which was broadcast on Thursday, Malik was asked how people should reconcile the music he made before with what he’s doing now. “Do you think you’ll find a way to play even reworking interpretations of some of those [1D] songs, to factor them in to who you are now to reflect that part of your life?” Lowe wondered. “Or at this point in your life is that era too hard to match into who you are now?”

Malik answered, “It’s not even about that. I think the whole message about this is the two things are very separate.” He went on to explain, “That was amazing. I did that for five years, enjoyed it. We had some of the best times ever. This is something that is for me.”

“This is the music that I grew up listening to. This is the influences I had. This is what I have to say,” he continued. “And the two things are very separate. And you can listen to that and still, like, understand that I appreciated that. They’re just two completely separate things.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Malik also spoke about wanting to leave One Direction almost from the get-go due to his different musical tastes. Perhaps more importantly, though, he also revealed his album title: Mind of Mine. Watch below!


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