Zac Efron Twerks, Gives Ellen DeGeneres Lap Dance – WATCH VIDEO!

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Zac Efron Twerking Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Michael Lewittes |

Zac Efron Twerking Ellen DeGeneres Show

(Ellen Tube)

Zac Efron gave Ellen DeGeneres a lap dance and even twerked on her on Wednesday’s show. While appearing on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the talk show host had him play a Charades-like game called “Heads Up,” in which he needed to act out different clues that flashed on her iPad. See the video below.

The first phrase was “Lap Dance,” which prompted Efron to get out of his guest seat and gyrate his crotch in front of DeGeneres. After the talk show host correctly guessed that clue, Efron then successfully mimed “Tinder” by pretending to text and slide his thumb. For the clue, “Making Out,” Efron repeatedly kissed his own hand.

Next up was “Twerking.” After some initial hesitation, Efron began to shake his behind, which led DeGeneres to correctly guess what he was doing. The actor also managed to have DeGeneres figure out “Skinny Dipping” by him pretending to strip. And right before the clock ran out, Efron got DeGeneres to successfully guess the last clue, “Handcuffs.”

In addition to getting the hunky to pretend lap dance, twerk, strip, and make out, DeGeneres surprised Efron by explaining the iPad he was reading the clues off of was actually recording him the whole time. The result was hilarious footage of the star, for example, thrusting his crotch right in front of the lens.

Watch the video below of Zac Efron giving a lap dance and twerking on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”


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