Zac Efron Has NOT Gone “Missing,” Despite Report

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Zac Efron Missing Relapse

By Andrew Shuster |

Zac Efron Missing Relapse

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Zac Efron has not gone “MIA,” and his friends are not worried about his well-being, despite a completely fabricated new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told it’s simply “ridiculous.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Efron entered rehab in 2013 for substance abuse, and is in recovery from drugs and alcohol. But according to a new claim by RadarOnline, the actor is in a downward spiral again as a result of his recent movie We Are Your Friends underperforming at the box office, as well as alleged relationship troubles with girlfriend Sami Miro.

A so-called “source” from the set of Efron’s upcoming movie, Neighbors 2, tells the webloid, “Zac showed up to a cast party in Atlanta and he looked like he was totally out of it.” The “insider” goes on to claim that after the actor’s latest movie flopped, he supposedly complained about having made a film about drugs “without being able to [actually] use drugs.”

The webloid then alleges that Efron forgot his and Miro’s one-year dating anniversary, and it caused “a serious fight” between the couple. A supposed “pal” of the actor is quoted by the blog as saying, “His friends are legitimately worried about him,” and adds that Efron is hanging out with his “bad influence friends again.”

The story gets even more ludicrous when it claims Efron often goes missing, and that he “isn’t being responsive” when friends call or text. It’s all untrue. Efron is certainly not missing. In fact, he’s been repeatedly photographed in Atlanta filming Neighbors 2, on which a production source tells Gossip Cop he’s “working really hard. Totally focused.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time RadarOnline has shamelessly used Efron’s past addiction issues to create a tall tale. Gossip Cop has busted the webloid numerous times for similar reports, including an absurd story that blamed Charlie Sheen for introducing Efron to drugs.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a second source, who’s close to Efron, and we’re exclusively assured that the webloid’s latest claim about the actor going “MIA,” is completely “ridiculous.”

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Zac Efron has gone missing.


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