Zac Efron Slammed For Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Tweet Celebrating Instagram Followers (PHOTO)

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Zac Efron Martin Luther King Jr Tweet

By Shari Weiss |

Zac Efron Martin Luther King Jr Tweet

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Zac Efron is getting slammed for his Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tweet, in which he celebrated reaching 10 million Instagram followers.

On Monday night, Efron tweeted, “I’m grateful for a couple things today: Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers on IG #MLKDay.” Accompany the tweet were the black-power finger and a black-power fist emojis, as well as a photo of Efron looking at the camera as he sits in a car.”

Efron’s decision to seemingly equate a day of remembrance for a slain civil rights leader with a personal social media milestone upset many. One user, @ecareyo, even told the movie star, “You are a piece of [expletive].” Another, @anthny, posted a meme urging him to delete his account. And a different individual, @D2_Derpinator, shot back, “I’m grateful I don’t know who you are @ZacEfron.”

“Can u just not,” wrote @marianbull, to which a fellow Twitter user, @carlyafisher, replied, “Trying to pick my jaw off the floor.” Another, @christhegoods, argued, “Maybe those should have been two separate posts?” @eggzactlyy similarly said, “Honey, you don’t put this is one tweet…” And @loudersoft suggested, “Whoever you’re paying for social media advice, here’s some for free: delete this post.”

@JamesSantelli tweeted, “This national holiday should really celebrate YOUR contributions to society, such as…” He added, “I could almost handle it until the black hand emojis. then I sincerely could not.” Even some of Efron’s own fans were disturbed, including @PoisonParadise, who wrote, “I love him so much too but yeah this is ridic on many levels. Even the emojis.”

Gossip Cop has reached out to Efron’s rep for comment. The actor, however, is not the only person whose “#MLKDay” posts sparked a backlash. As Gossip Cop reported, Ice Cube was blasted Monday for using the occasion to promote Ride Along 2. And on Monday night, Sarah Silverman apologized for “politicizing” the holiday by saying King would have voted for Bernie Sanders for president.

UPDATE: On Tuesday evening, Efron tweeted, “I have nothing but the greatest admiration & respect for MLK. My last post was insensitive & I apologize to anyone who I offended. So sorry.” His original post has been deleted.

Zac Efron MLK Day Tweet



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