Zac Efron And Dave Franco Grab Each Other’s Crotches At MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

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Zac Efron Dave Franco MTV Movie Awards

By Shari Weiss |

Zac Efron Dave Franco MTV Movie Awards

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Zac Efron and Dave Franco grabbed each other’s balls at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. Really. Watch below.

The pals won the award for “Best On-Screen Duo” for their work in Neighbors, and when the cameras panned to them in the audience, it was revealed they were dressed as their characters from one of the film’s most memorable scenes, a Robert De Niro-themed party. Efron, as Delta Psi fraternity president Teddy, was dressed up as De Niro in Taxi Driver while Franco, as the frat’s vice president Pete, was costumed as Meet the Parents De Niro.

Efron broke character when he took the stage and began thanking their fans, but Franco was much more interested in his shirtless co-star’s nipples peeking out from his open jacket. Still acting as De Niro in Meet the Parents, he channeled a classic scene from the 2000 comedy and tried to “milk” Efron’s nipples. “You’re crossing a line right now, Dave!” Efron told him.

Efron, however, then took things much further, and aggressively grabbed Franco’s crotch. Franco pulled the same move, only to abruptly let go and yell, “Oh, no! You are NOT supposed to get hard.” Ah, fraternity antics and sex jokes. It was actually a big night for Efron, who also introduced Fall Out Boy and won “Best Shirtless Performance” for Neighbors. And to bring things full circle, the actor filmed the movie Dirty Grandpa with none other than De Niro himself earlier this year. Check out Efron and Franco’s (obviously pre-planned) bit below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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