Young Dylan “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Video: Watch 7-Year-Old Rapper!

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Young Dylan ellen DeGeneres Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Young Dylan ellen DeGeneres Show Video


Ellen DeGeneres had an adorable 7-year-old rapper named Young Dylan on Monday’s show. Check out the video below!

The little boy, who is from Maryland, let the talk show host know she could “just call me Dylan,” but said of his stage name, “It’s from my dad. And, um, I really like that name really because really it fits for me.” But what about when he gets old? “I will still be official Young Dylan,” he said.

DeGeneres wanted to know how Dylan got into rapping, and he explained, “It’s because like I like all these rappers and like they gave me talent and like I got the support from these people.” He later added that he wants to be a rapper “because like all the rappers, they get a lot of mansions.” In fact, Dylan said he wants 300 mansions, and then scored some major sweet points when he said he would use them as an “orphanage” and for “poor people.”

For his performance, Dylan pulled a very rap-star move by hopping onto the hood of a car, though he nearly slipped off. He then rapped DJ Khaled and Drake’s “For Free.” He went quiet or mumbled during the track’s explicit parts, which graphically reference sex. For instance, “is this sex so good” became “is this show so good.”

The performance ended with him exclaiming, “Get ’em, Dyl!” Based on the audience’s reaction, he definitely got ’em. Watch below!

NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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