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A story claiming Younes Bendjima is "blasting" Kourtney Kardashian for taking risque photos is made-up. A certain website alleges he has a problem with his girlfriend posing in various states of undress, but the report is obviously bogus. Gossip Cop can bust it.

According to RadarOnline, Kardashian has an "obsession with flashing the flesh," but her boyfriend wants her to "stop parading" her body around and posing without clothes. "The idea of other dudes creeping over his girl gives him the creeps," a so-called "source" claims of Bendjima. This supposed snitch contends Bendjima has been "dropping subtle hints" about his disapproval "for a while, but Kourtney's ignored them all." Just what those "hints" have been exactly is never explained.

"Younes is way more conservative than he looks," further asserts the site's supposed tipster, who maintains Bendjima is a "devout Muslim." As a result, Kardashian's steamy pictures and "incessant need to strip down all of the time" are said to be "causing trouble with her boy toy." The questionable insider alleges, "Now it's become quite an issue between them... He's openly saying she needs to tone things down if she wants things to last with him in the long term."

It seems this narrative was likely sparked because Kardashian posed clothes-less for V magazine in a photo spread that was released late last month. But it makes little sense for Bendjima to object to such a shoot. For starters, as seen on Kardashian's Instagram, they posed together half-dressed just over a month ago to promote Calvin Klein's underwear line. What's more is that earlier this year Bendjima used his own Instagram to show off a Balmain campaign in which he's posing with a topless woman.

In fact, the model himself regularly poses without clothes. Back in 2016, after he and Kardashian were linked, the Daily Mail rounded up photos in which Bendjima was wearing nothing but underwear. Next Management, which represents the rising star, even has a portfiolio on its website of Bendjima posing sans clothes. It couldn't be more apparent that he has no objection to skin-baring pictorials. It's bizarre for the blog to insist Bendjima wants Kardashian to "clean up [her] act" when she isn't doing anything he doesn't do himself.

As for the assertion that the couple is "on the rocks" and their future is in jeopardy due to this supposed dispute, Us Weekly just reported how Bendjima was "fatherly" during a lunch date with Kardashian and her kids on Saturday. Curiously, amidst all of RadarOnline's provably false and manufactured claims, the site makes no mention of Kardashian and Bendjima eloping, which it alleged in January. Of course, as this new story even makes clear, they have yet to marry. Clearly, the website isn't the best resource for real news about the pair.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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