An article claiming Younes Bendjima is "desperate to fix things" with Kourtney Kardashian is fake news. The piece, which was evidently made-up, contains provable falsehoods. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Last week, Kardashian was said to be "frustrated" with Bendjima after he commented negatively on an Instagram photo that emphasized her thong-clad butt. This was a hot topic in the celebrity news world for several days, and now HollywoodLife is doing what it often does: Pretending to have "exclusive" insight. But as the piece goes on, it becomes clear the story is indisputably bogus.

"Younes is desperate to fix things with Kourtney after his regretful and rude comment. Things between the two have been tense ever since his dumb Instagram remark," a so-called "source close to Younes" is quoted as saying. While that might sound reasonable, the very next paragraph makes it apparent this alleged snitch is significantly ill-informed.

The untraceable tipster asserts Bendjima "has been travelling," and the site contends, "While Younes has been off in Europe, the source says he's struggled to stay connected with his girlfriend during this time." The blog stresses that he's "physically distant from his girl," and the purported insider laments, "It is impossible to make things right with her while he is on the road." This unnamed and likely fictional "source" further asserts, "He wants to get back to her ASAP to get on her good side again or he fears he may lose her forever."

In actuality, he already is "back to her." Far from being "in Europe," as claimed, paparazzi caught pictures of Bendjima, Kardashian and her daughter Penelope stepping out together in Los Angeles on Saturday. In case anyone doubts these are new images, Kardashian and Penelope were seen out shopping earlier in the day in the same outfits. And that's not all. On Monday, Bendjima was filmed arriving at an L.A. studio where Kardashian was shooting "KUWTK." He entered with a large white bag, which she was later seen carrying upon leaving.

If the website really had a "source close to Younes," as alleged, why is that person saying in a story published on Tuesday that he is "on the road" and away from Kardashian when that's clearly not the case and hasn't been for several days? Obviously, this unidentifiable and seemingly nonexistent "source" doesn't know what he or she is talking about. By extension, the outlet proves its own lack of knowledge by peddling this clearly false information about Bendjima's whereabouts.

As for the contention that Bendjima is "desperate to fix things" with Kardashian, she may have already forgiven him since they recently stepped together, along with her daughter. Of course, Gossip Cop would be remiss not to point out this is hardly the first time the online publication has bungled its stories on the couple. Last December, we caught the site flip-flopping on whether Kardashian was pregnant with Bendjima's baby. What really needs to be "fixed" is the blog's bad reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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