Younes Bendjima Cheating On Kourtney Kardashian With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Is NOT True

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Younes Bendjima Cheating Kourtney Kardashian

By Michael Lewittes |

Younes Bendjima Cheating Kourtney Kardashian

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Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Younes Bendjima did not cheat on her with Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Camila Morrone, despite an untrue report. Not only can Gossip Cop shoot down this manufactured story, which falsely contends he was “caught showing PDA” with Morrone, but Bendjima himself is blasting the claims. In a profanity-laced message on Instagram, the male model set the record straight about articles claiming he was stepping out on his longtime girlfriend in Los Angeles on Monday night.

According to RadarOnline, for instance, while Kardashian was with her family, “Bendjima was caught showing some shady PDA” with Morrone. Referencing the recent situation with Khloe Kardashian and her unfaithful boyfriend Tristan Thompson, the often discredited outlet then asks, “Is this the beginning of another Kardashian cheating scandal?” From there, the website maintains the model was caught “getting a little too close to a sexy brunette.” It later wonders, “Could it be he’s got a wandering eye just like Tristan Thompson?”

Proving it knows nothing, the blog then identifies the brown-haired beauty as Morrone, who it states is “Al Pacino’s stepdaughter.” That’s not even remotely accurate. Pacino is dating Morrone’s mother, Lucila Sola. The two are most assuredly not married, and so the Argentinian model is 100 percent not the legendary actor’s “stepdaughter.”

That, however, is the least of the site’s inaccuracies. After having alluded to “another Kardashian cheating scandal” and contending Bendjima was “caught showing PDA” with Morrone, the outlet adds, “Fans know the Kardashians do not take cheating well at all.” And you know what RadarOnline doesn’t do well at all? Fact-checking.

Actually, the entirely untrue article is based on a piece the Daily Mail published on Wednesday titled, “Younes Bendjima enjoys another night out with two mystery ladies for a sushi dinner in Beverly Hills.” In response, the former boxer came out fighting. Over the headline of the British tabloid’s report, Bendjima wrote on Instagram, “Where are the 6 others mens i was with? What you guys trynna do? Nice cut tho you piece of [expletive].”

And while the newspaper very sloppily cleaned up its article hours later, though it still referred to Morrone as a “mystery” woman in its headline, RadarOnline has yet to correct its error. Gossip Cop, which independently confirmed Bendjima and Morrone were part of a larger group, is not that surprised by the blog’s blunder. Just three weeks ago, it falsely maintained Bendjima and Kardashian had broken up, and she was dating Travis Barker.

At the time, the Blink 182 drummer’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop the claim about Barker and Kardashian being a “new couple” was “100 percent not true.” The same can be said of this new story about an alleged “Kardashian cheating scandal” with Bendjima.


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