The Wrap Reports Helen Thomas Death Three Years Late

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The Wrap Helen Thomas Dead

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The Wrap Helen Thomas Dead

(The Wrap)

The Wrap reported the death of former White House journalist Helen Thomas on FRIDAY… just three years late. Not only did Thomas pass away on July 20, 2013, but the site even published her obit back then.

“Famed journalist Helen Thomas died this week at age 92, according to the Washington Post,” writes The Wrap in its latest msifire. Yes, the Washington Post did report her death… three years ago.

Here’s what happened. On Wednesday, Thomas began trending on Twitter on the third anniversary of her death. A Washington Post article about her passing was displayed at the top of Twitter with the accidental timestamp of June 20, 2016. However, when one opens article, it shows that the story was actually published in 2013.

The Wrap either didn’t click on the article or didn’t notice the date, and lazily regurgitated the old news, all while having forgotten that it already wrote this story back when it happened. It should also be noted, had Thomas actually died on Wednesday, the site still would be reporting the news two days late.

Plenty of Twitter users were also duped earlier this week after seeing that the late journalist was trending, and tweeted their unknowingly belated condolences. At the time of this writing, The Wrap’s article stayed up for nearly an hour before they shadily redirected it to the original obit. For the webloid’s sloppy, late and generally embarrassing reporting, Gossip Cop awards The Wrap its “Most Cringeworthy Story Of The Week.” Check out below the site’s embarrassing new death report and its 2013 obit.

Wrap Helen Thomas Dead

(The Wrap)

The Wrap Helen Thomas Death

(The Wrap)


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