Wilmer Valderrama Takes Selfie With “New Friend” Hillary Clinton — SEE PHOTO!

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Wilmer Valderrama Hillary Clinton Selfie Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Wilmer Valderrama Hillary Clinton Selfie Photo


Wilmer Valderrama has a “new friend,” and her name is Hillary Clinton. Check out the full photo below!

Clinton attended two Hollywood fundraisers held in her honor on Sunday, and it seems likely she crossed paths with Valderrama at the fete hosted by Lionsgate executive Rob Friedman. On Monday, the actor tweeted a photo of their run-in. But it wasn’t just any photo.

It was one of the rare Clinton-celebrity selfies. “Have you guys met my new friend #HillaryClinton?.. She’s running for president,” tweeted Valderrama, along with an emoji sticking its tongue out. He added, “Inspired by our conversation.”

Valderrama’s post could be interpreted as a direct shot at Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate has been under fire since the start of his campaign for comments he’s made about Mexicans and Latino immigrants. Valderrama, who currently stars on FOX’s new “Minority Report” series, is of Columbian and Venezuelan descent.

By aligning himself with Clinton’s camp, the former First Lady and Secretary of State can capitalize on the so-called “celebrity vote” as well as the Latino vote. And the Democratic contender has made no secret of her desire to use Hollywood’s electoral influence. Clinton previously took her last celeb selfie with Kim Kardashian at a fundraiser in August, and has mingled at events with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

She’s also scored donations from Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others. Rival candidate Bernie Sanders, however, also started promoting his own celebrity supporters earlier this month, revealing he has Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Susan Sarandon and more in his corner. TELL US: What do you think of Valderrama showing off his selfie with Clinton?

Wilmer Valderrama Hillary Clinton Photo Selfie



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