Wilmer Valderrama Pays Tribute To Demi Lovato On 3rd Anniversary Of Her Sobriety

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Demi Lovato Sobriety Wilmer Valderrama

By Shari Weiss |

Demi Lovato Sobriety Wilmer Valderrama

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Wilmer Valderrama took to Instagram on Sunday to pay emotional tribute to girlfriend Demi Lovato in honor of the third anniversary of her sobriety.

Valderrama wrote, “Today, we lay another stone together. It is now 3 years since you said: I am more important then any past, demon, disorder or addiction. Where you decided that YOUR life was worth living while loving yourself. And I’m sure glad you did. I knew then the woman you’ve become now. I am proud and honor to be front row to see the world you are about to change.” He added, “I love you Demi.”

Lovato candidly discussed the last drink she ever had, back in March of 2012, during a 2013 interview with “Access Hollywood.” “I was going to the airport and I had a Sprite bottle just filled with vodka and it was just nine in the morning and I was throwing up in the car and this was just to get on a plane to go back to L.A. to the sober living house that I was staying at,” she recalled.

The singer went on, “I had all the help in the world, but I didn’t want it.” Even though she had already been in and out of rehab by that point, Lovato considered that airport experience her “rock bottom.” She explained, “At 19 years old, I had a moment when I was like, ‘Oh my god… that is alcoholic behavior. It’s no longer, ‘I’m young and rebellious and out having fun.’ It was, ‘Wow, I’m one of those people. I gotta get my sh*t together.”

Well, three years after that, Lovato thankfully has her sh*t together. And not only does she have Valderrama by her side, she also has her Lovatics. Earlier Sunday, fans trended the phrases “#Demi3YearsSober” and “#Happy3YearsSoberDemi” on Twitter in honor of Lovato’s accomplishment. In both 2013 and 2014, Lovato celebrated the annual milestone with her fans on the social media site, but as of this posting, she has yet to make mention of it this time around. That said, she did happily make touch on the anniversary while on “Good Morning America” Thursday. See below, beginning at the 3:55 mark. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

Demi Lovato Sober



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