Will Tsai “America’s Got Talent” Audition Video: Magician Praised For “Best Magic” In Show’s History – WATCH!

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Will Tsai America's Got Talent Audition

By Shari Weiss |

Will Tsai America's Got Talent Audition


Will Tsai was praised for performing the “best magic” in “America’s Got Talent” history during the season premiere on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

The 31-year-old from Vancouver only lives with his cat and dog, but works minimum-wage jobs to support his family. He told the panel, “This is my dream. I’m hoping this will be a turning point for my life, and I really want to make it happen for my family.” But the tricks he planned for his audition, “I’ve never done it for anybody. I just created it for this show,” Tsai admitted to the judges.

The magician then performed what appeared to be sleight-of-hand magic with coins, cards and a rose. The camera was zoomed in on his hands the whole time, and the audience audibly gasped at various points. It culminated in a standing ovation from all the judges. Howie Mandel told the aspiring star afterward, “I just want to say that I have seen so much close-up magic. I swear to you, this was ultimately by far the best close-up magic I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Your family will be so proud,” Mandel added. Heidi Klum deemed it all “so exciting,” noting, “I did not blink. It was incredible.” Mel B admitted, “My brain didn’t catch up until halfway through… When I got it, it was amazing! It was magic!”

And Simon Cowell commented, “You told us in the beginning that you’ve never done this act before. Well, that makes it more incredible… I agree with Howie. This is the best magic I have ever seen on this show.” After Tsai got four yesses and left the stage, Mandel marveled to his colleagues, “Have you ever seen anything like that in your life?”

Declared Mel, “Mind-boggling.” Watch the full video below!

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