Will Smith Announces World Tour With DJ Jazzy Jeff (VIDEO)

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Will Smith World Tour

By Andrew Shuster |

Will Smith World Tour

(Beats 1 Radio)

Will Smith revealed during a new interview on Beats 1 Radio that he and DJ Jazzy Jeff are planning their first-ever world concert tour for summer 2016. Watch the video below!

Smith spoke about recording new music for the first time in more than a decade with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, and went on to drop the bombshell that he’ll be going on tour. “Jeff and I actually have never done a full tour,” Smith explained. “I was always on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ or making a movie. So I’m looking this summer to be the first time we go out on a full world tour.”

Smith is currently hard at work on producing new tracks for the tour. The actor/rapper said, “I’m pretty much poppin’ in the studio everyday and I’m looking for artists to collaborate with.” He added, “I’ve probably recorded 30 songs. I have six or seven that I really, really like.”

When asked if he’s excited to get back into the world of music after such a long hiatus, Smith admitted, “I’m terrified.” But the actor assured, “I’m really ready man. I’ve got a whole lot of heart to share, and I’m really excited about getting it into my music.” Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff going on a world tour for the first time ever.


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