Jada Pinkett Smith NOT Worried About Will Cheating With Margot Robbie

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Will Smith Margot Robbie Cheating

By Daniel Gates |

Will Smith Margot Robbie Cheating

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Jada Pinkett Smith is NOT “furious” about the chemistry between Will Smith and Margot Robbie in Focus, despite a new OK! report that sounds a lot like lame tabloid reports from more than a year ago. Gossip Cop can debunk the latest rumor.

The magazine argues that Jada believes there’s something going on between her husband and his co-star. “She’s seen them on the red carpet together — they’re all over each other. She’s known Will for 20 years, so it’s pretty obvious when he’s got the hots for someone,” says a so-called “insider” for the outlet. “And she doesn’t trust Margot one bit.”

According to OK!, Jada is “stewing” about how Will “flirts” with Robbie for the cameras, and upset that they’re going to work together on Suicide Squad. The magazine’s source says, “Jada’s dreading it. Will likes Margot too much, and the feeling seems mutual.”

Ugh, are we seriously still talking about this? Back in 2013, Star ran a cover story claiming the Focus co-stars had been “caught cheating,” and it turned out the whole thing was based on them goofing off for some photo booth pictures at a party. Now OK! thinks that tired old non-story, along with some red carpet posing, means Will Smith and Margot Robbie might be having an affair. They’re not, and Jada is NOT worried about it. “There is no truth” to the story, her rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively.


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