Will Smith And Kirsten Dunst Play ‘Catchphrase’ With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

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Will Smith Kirsten Dunst Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Will Smith Kirsten Dunst Jimmy Fallon Video


Will Smith and Kirsten Dunst faced off in a hilarious game of “Catchphrase” on Friday’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Watch below!

Smith was partnered with Tariq of “The Roots,” while Dunst was paired Fallon. There was some pre-game teasing and awkward handshakes before the match got underway. “That was so white of us right there,” the host quipped of his exchanged with Dunst. “We couldn’t even slap five.”

While Tariq and Fallon easily guessed the first two phrases, Smith amusingly struggled with “backseat driver.” He pulled it off though, and Dunst ended up losing the round when she failed to guess “belly dancer” before the buzzer went off. The terms went on to very obviously relate to Smith with “beatbox” and “Bel-Air.”

“What’s up, Will Smith?!” the host taunted his opponent. It was Smith himself who had to give the clue for “Bel-Air,” and he offered, “Where me and Carlton lived.” Tariq, of course, knew the answer, but the best moment may have been when Dunst had to give clues for “Saint West,” and asked in confusion, “What is that?!”

Dunst was on the show to promote “Fargo,” for which she scored a Golden Globes nomination on Thursday. Smith was plugging his new movie, Concussion, one day after he, too, received a Globes nod. Check out the “Tonight Show” video below to find out who won the game!


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