Will Smith “Collateral Beauty” Interview On “GMA” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Will Smith Collateral Beauty GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Will Smith Collateral Beauty GMA Video


Will Smith appeared live on “GMA” on Monday to discuss his emotional new film, Collateral Beauty. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Smith stars in the new drama as a lost and grieving man. He writes letters to Death, Love, and Time, and unexpectedly gets responses when these spirits come to visit him in person. Now during the “Good Morning America” interview, the actor shared his personal connection to the story.

“What was beautiful for me was to have an opportunity — my father was sick during the time, so I was able to share the preparation with my father,” Smith said. “It was that beautiful blending of life and art at the same time. Some of the experiences the character was having, I was having in my own life.”

That allowed Smith to imbue his performance with an “openness” and “honesty” that he hopes viewers will enjoy. He also touted that the film has a “A Wonderful Life, Christmas-vibe,” and said it’s one of those movies that “could only happen in New York because of the magical element of it.” There was, however, fake snow, Smith amusingly admitted.

Also during the 10-minute appearance, Smith shared his Christmas traditions (inspired by his wife Jada Pinkett), offered gift-giving ideas, rapped some Hamilton, and revealed which movie role he think embodies him best. He also joked that Jaden and Willow’s unique style is the result of “poor parenting.” Check out the full video below!


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