Will Ferrell Plays Blackjack On ‘Today Show’ To Promote ‘The House’ (VIDEO)

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Will Ferrell Today Show Blackjack Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Will Ferrell Today Show Blackjack Interview


Will Ferrell played a game of blackjack on Tuesday’s “Today” show to promote his new movie, The House, in which his character opens an underground casino. Watch the video below.

The comedic actor co-stars with Amy Poehler in the new comedy, which centers around two parents who start an illegal gambling ring to pay for their daughter’s college tuition. Talking to “Today” anchor Matt Lauer at a casino table, Ferrell explained of the film’s concept, “In this suburban world, we get to unlock the dark side of both of our characters and shake down the town for money.”

When asked to reveal the last time he broke the law in real life, Ferrell joked, “Probably last night. Stole a taxi cab, just for the heck of it. I drove it like 10 feet and then gave it back.” The former “Saturday Night Live” star went on to talk about raising three young boys, admitting he’s mostly an ordinary dad, but his comedic persona sometimes comes out.

“We’re all just normal people in our everyday life,” Ferrell noted, “but occasionally I will surprise them by walking through the house and pulling my pants down just enough to show the top of the butt crack, and pretending I don’t notice.” The actor further admitted he’ll also embarrass his kids by “blaring rap music as loud as I can while dropping them off at a friends house for a play date,” but further acknowledged, “For the most part, I’m just their dad.”

“Today” contributor Carson Daly then came out to serve as the dealer for a game of blackjack, during which both Ferrell and Lauer went all in. Also during his appearance on the morning show, Ferrell surprised a needy college student with $100,000 for her tuition. Watch the videos below.

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