Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler “The View” Video – Watch Hilarious Interview!

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Will Ferrell Amy Poeher The View

By Shari Weiss |

Will Ferrell Amy Poeher The View


Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler made a hilarious joint appearance on “The View” on Wednesday. Check out the video below!

The longtime friends stopped by the ABC talk show to promote their new movie, The House, in which they play a married couple who start an underground casino in their home to pay for their daughter’s college tuition. The two are very funny alone, but perhaps even more so together. Their humorous chemistry was on full display during the interview.

After the pair came out to enthusiastic applause, Ferrell quipped, “Standing ovation. Amy and I are so used to standing ovations, so thank you.” Poehler noted, “This is the first time we played a couple, and I feel like, Will and I, we’re a very believable couple.” Ferrell said that meant “Caucasian, middle class,” while Poehler joked, “You want to marry someone who looks like your brother.”

Poehler was asked about her famous impersonation of Hillary Clinton, but she was quick to pass on praise to someone else. “Kate McKinnon is so good. She owns that impression now,” said the comedienne. Ferrell recently brought back his George W. Bush impression for the “Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner” event. “That was very strange to be in front of that audience and people shouting, ‘We miss you!’… Do I miss him? In lieu of the current situation, yeah… ish,” Ferrell admitted.

Poehler also did a take on Donald Trump at the recent Glamour UK Women of the Year Awards. She explained, “I think I was just talking about how this year, it’s been different, hasn’t it? It’s been a lot of rage crying and eating my feelings.” She went on, “He provides too much comedy. It’s like, it’s enough. Obama was almost the opposite. Obama was hard to get a take on because he was so smooth and cool. And cool can be the death of comedy as well.”

“That’s why W is perfect,” Ferrell insisted. “He’s like Goldilocks. Not too hot, not too cold.” The co-stars were later joined by cast mate Jason Mantzoukas, who self-deprecatingly compared his look to that of a homeless man and confirmed he’s single. Cue Ferrell: “I’m married, so relax.” The group was set to play a game called “Poker Face,” and it was introduced by the song of the same name.

Ferrell dramatically announced, “But first, Lady Gaga’s here!” Unfortunately for fans, he was just joking. But they did play the game, for which they had to make the co-hosts break their “poker face” and laugh. The results will probably surprise you. Watch the videos below!

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