A rumor claiming Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler "can't stand each other" is not true, Gossip Cop has learned. We can exclusively bust the claim.

A headline from RadarOnline blares, "'House' Divided! Co-Stars Will Ferrell And Amy Poehler 'Can't Stand Each Other!'" According to the article, while the pair "may seem all smiles as they promote their eagerly awaited rom-com The House," "there's no love lost between the comedy heavyweights." The House is by no means a "rom-com," but regardless, a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "They wrapped this movie in less than four weeks because they can't stand each other."

"Any on-screen affection between their characters is acting at the highest level," claims the site's supposed source, who alleges, "They agreed to work 20-hour days to make the film together as quickly as possible, and hardly ever spoke to each other when the cameras were not rolling." It's further claimed a purported rivalry between the actors has existed for decades, including when they were on "SNL." "They were always very competitive with each other, even after 20 years," contends the site's tipster.

The outlet's "insider" insists, "They aren't friends and the competition between them is as intense as ever." The publication notes that while "the two are out promoting the movie together," they "can't wait for their forced confinement to be over." The alleged snitch even maintains, "They're under strict orders from Paramount to play nice on the red carpet." Um, Paramount has nothing to do with this film, which comes from Warner Bros.

And all this begs a question: If Ferrell and Poehler dislike each other so much, why on earth would they agree to star in a movie together? If they truly "can't stand each other," why would they force themselves to be in one another's company? Notably, the RadarOnline article gives no explanation. That's probably because, as Gossip Cop is told, this story is bogus.

Before this piece was even published, Gossip Cop noted on Wednesday that Ferrell and Poehler's comedic chemistry was on display during "The View," on which they appeared to talk about their careers and the film. Neither actor would have agreed to a joint press tour if they had a problem being in the other's presence. But the report doesn't address that point, either.

"It is laughably inaccurate," a rep for Poehler exclusively tells Gossip Cop about the claims. And this isn't the first time the webloid has struck out with its reporting on the actress. Last fall, we busted the site for wrongly claiming Poehler and Tina Fey were competing with Leslie Jones to host the Oscars. It was Jimmy Kimmel who went on to emcee the awards show, and he'll do so again in 2018.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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