Will Arnett Made “The Gong Show” Staffer Cry?!

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Will Arnett Gong Show Staffer

By Shari Weiss |

Will Arnett Gong Show Staffer


Did Will Arnett make a staffer on “The Gong Show” cry?! That’s what one tabloid wants readers to believe. Gossip Cop, however, is awarding this story zero points.

Under the headline “Will Arnett’s Flowery Apology,” Star writes, “After a bad joke about his coffee order, Will Arnett left a staffer on his upcoming reboot of ‘The Gong Show’ in tears of anything but laughter!” That sentence alone tells Gossip Cop this article is inaccurate. “The Gong Show” premiered on June 22 and filmed earlier this year. If the tabloid was actually in the loop, it wouldn’t have referred to the “upcoming reboot.”

In any case, a purported “witness” claims to the gossip magazine, “An assistant handed Will his drink, and he snapped at her saying, ‘I didn’t ask for this’ and ‘Why is it not at room temperature?’ But he was just kidding.” The outlet asserts “the flustered young lady didn’t realize her boss was just joshing and began to well up.”

“She thought he was really angry and was absolutely distraught,” contends this supposed “on-set source,” who adds that Arnett made it up to the unnamed staffer. Maintains the alleged snitch, “Will sent her flowers and apologized, he really poured on the charm. In fact, he may have even sparked a bit of a crush!” So this “assistant” went from crying over Arnett to crushing on him? Uh-huh. “It’s very much made up,” a rep for the actor exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

That comes as no surprise to us since we’ve busted Star for spreading tall tales about the funny man before. After Arnett and Courteney Cox were spotted out in December 2015, the magazine ran a story in January 2016 claiming they were set up by Justin Theroux, but he never called for a second date. Two problems: Arnett and Cox weren’t on a romantic date and Theroux had nothing to do with them hanging out. Now the tabloid has been caught peddling another bogus story. If Gossip Cop had a gong, we’d be banging it right about now.

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