“Will & Grace” Cast On Megyn Kelly ‘Today’ Show – Watch Interview!

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Will And Grace Megyn Kelly Today

By Holly Nicol |

Will And Grace Megyn Kelly Today


The full cast of “Will & Grace” appeared on Monday’s debut episode of “Megyn Kelly Today,” ahead of its upcoming premiere on September 28. During the interview, the cast spoke about the highly-anticipated return of the much-loved show. Watch the video below!

On rebooting the popular NBC series after more than a decade, the full cast discussed how it felt to return to the set of the iconic sitcom. “Awesome,” the cast chorused. Megan Mullally said, “It’s so much fun. We’re having a blast.” Eric McCormack joked, “I didn’t think Sean [Hayes] would be as good. That was my biggest fear.” He added, “We’ve all kept in touch, but the four of us haven’t been in a room together for ten years. That was kind of amazing the first time that happened.”

Kelly went on to ask the cast if they were expecting the show to be revived for not just one, but two seasons. “It was shocking,” Debra Messing shared. She continued, “The idea was, okay we’re going to do this very special ten [episodes], and all of a sudden it was like, ‘oh two more,’ ‘oh we want you for four more, and we want next year too!’ We were like, ‘oh my god,’ and we hadn’t even shot anything. It was all because the president of our network heard our table read of the first episode.”

The cast went on to talk about the show’s groundbreaking influence on gay rights, building acceptance for gay characters on television. Hayes gushed, “The biggest reward of the whole thing is getting positive feedback from gay people all over the world. [They say], Because of your show, it made it ok to be me.” Kelly later introduced the cast to super-fan Russell Turner, who was inspired by “Will & Grace” to come out as gay and become a lawyer, much like the show’s title character.

Of course, the cast of “Will & Grace” appeared on the premiere episode of “Megyn Kelly Today.” Making her transition from evening television to the morning show realm, Kelly told her audience, “Thank you so much for being here. I’m so excited, and I’m also a little nervous.” Watch the full interview below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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