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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s 14-year marriage is constantly questioned by the tabloids. These superstars of their fields are perpetually on the verge of divorce if these dodgy outlets are to be believed. There seem to be several reasons why these publications are so certain that Kidman and Urban’s happily ever after is about to end.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman's Transcontinental Romance

One reason Nicole Kidman’s marriage to Keith Urban is questioned seems to simply be a matter of geography. Though both stars hail from Australia, Urban is more closely aligned with the country music scene in Nashville. The spouses own homes in both Australia and Nashville, but the tabloids speculate that going back and forth between them has caused friction in the marriage.

Last summer, Life & Style reported that Urban and Kidman were splitting after they returned from a “tense” trip to Australia. The two allegedly fought after Urban returned to the US only five days after the spouses arrived down under with their two daughters. “Nicole accused him of rushing home to be around his young musician friends - specifically the female ones,” a so-called “insider” for the outlet revealed. Gossip Cop didn’t trust this story for a moment, so we reached out to Kidman’s rep, who informed us on the record that the reporting was false.

Australia is also apparently the place the couple goes to solve their marital issues. New Idea insisted late in July that the real reason the pair were headed to Australia was to fix their marriage. “Keith and Nicole have been at loggerheads over whether to come back or not ever since the coronavirus began,” a source told the tabloid. Urban supposedly wanted to stay in the US, where he’s “a much more famous name,” but his wife was set on heading to Australia to work on her newest project, 9 Perfect Strangers.

“Keith feels like he’s sacrificed a lot to be the perfect husband and move to Australia, but Nic’s not having it all her way,” the shady tipster confided. About the only part of this story that the outlet got right was that the two did indeed travel to Australia so Kidman could shoot her movie. Gossip Cop called out the outlet for recycling already disproven rumors about the couple.

Nicole Kidman on the left, looking into Keith Urban's eyes.
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Never Ending, Brutal Fights

There are near-constant reports about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman having vicious fights. Whether the couple are fighting in the privacy of their own home, or somewhere much more public, "spies" for the tabloids supposedly have all the details and are more than happy to share them. Sometimes these fights get so bad, the two refuse to even appear in public together, the insiders insist. Gossip Cop has seen quite a few of these reports over the years.

Late last fall, NW claimed Kidman and Urban had a “huge showdown” during a charity gala. The two were reportedly out of sorts with each other from the very beginning of the event, with sources informing the outlet that the two refused to be photographed together. Eventually, the tensions between spouses escalated.

“Nic was in a complete state,” a source proclaimed, adding, “she seemed to be lashing out at Keith for acting like a stranger and failing to take interest in her latest projects, despite her always being his biggest champion and supporting his career.” The fight ultimately culminated in Kidman running from “their table in tears.” Absolutely every part of this story was utter nonsense. Gossip Cop reached out to our source close to the couple who denied the series of events as depicted by the outlet.

Early this year, Woman’s Day insisted that the real reason Keith Urban showed up solo to the Grammys was because of a huge fight he’d had with Kidman. Though Urban told reporters at the time that his wife was suffering from the flu, this outlet’s "insider" believed otherwise. In reality, the source confided, the two had fought over Urban’s commitment to his music career. “Nicole ended up storming out of the house, with the girls in tow,” the source exuberantly snitched.

Gossip Cop reached out once more to Urban’s rep, who denied the story on the record and even quipped, “I guess they have to fill their pages somehow.” The reason Nicole Kidman did not attend the Grammys this year was truly because she was sick, despite what the tabloids insist.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there have been dozens of stories from the tabloids claiming that various couples are either fighting or on the verge of splitting up. Of course Life & Style applied this newest trend to Kidman and Urban this summer, writing that the two were fighting non-stop during lockdown. “Nicole and Keith are not used to spending this much time together,” an insider for the outlet claimed.

Not a single word of this was true, Gossip Cop discovered. Urban talked about how he was doing in quarantine in an interview with ET Online and said that he was having “lots and lots of family time, and I’ve actually been really enjoying that.” Just in case, we also reached out to Kidman’s rep, who told us the story was “not true.”

Nicole Kidman on the left, Keith Urban on the right, looking very much in love.
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Kidman, Urban Have Trust, Jealousy Issues

Allegations of jealousy have popped up about the two as well. Both Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have supposedly expressed jealousy over their partner’s actions. Some tabloids have even claimed that Kidman went as far as to “warn” several A-list celebrity women to stay away from her husband.

Way back in 2017, Star wrote that Urban was allegedly furious with his wife over her kissing her Big Little Lies co-star Alexander Skarsgard at the Emmys. A source tattled to the outlet, “Keith really laid into Nicole for ‘making out’ with Mr. Perfect in front of millions of viewers, including their daughters.” After being confronted by her husband, Kidman supposedly “spent what should've been her big night in tears.” Gossip Cop noted that Kidman won an Emmy that night and seemed perfectly pleased with her night, with her husband even giving her a passionate kiss backstage after she won her award. To make sure the matter was fully cleared up, we checked in with our source close to the couple, who assured us the outlet’s tale was completely fabricated.

Urban’s not the only one with a jealous streak, however. That same outlet later insisted that Kidman was going to divorce Urban because he’d hugged a “sexy redhead.” That was, of course, false, just like the 2019 report from Woman’s Day that claimed Kidman wanted pop star Taylor Swift to stay away from Urban. This was all over a cover Urban had done of Swift’s song, “Lover.” Urban praised the song on Instagram and Swift thanked him for it. That’s literally all that happened.

Nicole Kidman on the left, Keith Urban on the right
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Keith Urban To Blame For Marriage Failures?

Keith Urban is often specifically blamed for the downfall of the pair’s marriage. Tabloids often target the country music superstar with negative, demeaning even, stories and rumors. Then there’s the rumors that Kidman fears her husband will eventually abandon the sober lifestyle he’s lived for over a decade now. The tabloids use any minor or major life change to wildly speculate that Urban will relapse, which will spell doom for his marriage to Kidman.

In March, NW published an article claiming Keith Urban had hired a “swagger” coach. The country music star apparently knew “his whole look is dated” and wanted to learn how to “keep up with the kids.” Gossip Cop couldn’t stand this phony story any longer. We reached out to Urban’s rep, who laughed off the ridiculous article’s claims and denied the rumors. Urban is still plenty popular, despite his so-called “dated” look, so it seemed unlikely that the singer would try to switch things up now.

In 2007, just a few months after the two tied the knot, Urban checked himself into rehab at the urging of his wife and began his sober journey. Since then, the singer has been devoted to his career, his family, and staying sober. Kidman supposedly still worries about Urban relapsing, especially when he’s on tour, according to the Globe. Gossip Cop easily debunked the bogus tale, since Urban was, and still is, completely sober.

One tabloid, the often debunked OK!, even went so far as to claim that Nicole Kidman didn’t trust Keith Urban to be alone. The outlet insisted that the reason behind Urban’s brief visit to Australia, where Kidman and their daughters were staying, was because Kidman didn’t want him to spend his time off from tour by himself. “Nicole couldn't stand the idea of Keith being left alone to his own devices in America. There's been so much speculation about their marriage that she's feeling really insecure,” a source said. Gossip Cop knew this story was false from the jump. Our own reliable source told us Kidman did not force her husband to come to her, nor was she worried about what he’d get up to without her.

Making A Safe Bet

Tabloids will often play both sides against the middle when it comes to reporting on Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. As the outlets insist the two are definitely splitting up, it’ll also publish stories claiming the two “saved” their marriage in one way or another. This is a classic tabloid trope that’s often used to save face. If the couple doesn’t split up after the tabloid insisted they would, well, that’s because they “saved their marriage.” If the couple does eventually split up, then the outlet can crow over their successful prediction.

There’s another, very important, reason why these tabloids keep predicting Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s divorce: there is so much money in doing so. Kidman and Urban are one of the most famous celebrity couples of our day and they seem to be completely in love. If the two ever did split up, it would certainly be shocking to many of their fans. These outlets know it and take advantage of this fact. If Urban and Kidman ever do decide to separate, these sorts of low-tier, supermarket gossip rags would not be the first ones to report the news. If anything, either Kidman or Urban, or both, would be the ones to do so.


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