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Ever since they announced their engagement, and especially after they married in a New York City courthouse, many people believe that Justin Bieber and wife of almost two years Hailey Baldwin will soon divorce. There are many factors that people cite as evidence that Bieber and Baldwin will split up sooner rather than later. Gossip Cop was curious why so many tabloids predict the famous couple’s end on such a regular basis, so we looked into people’s reasoning for believing in the impending split.

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Are Too Young For Marriage?

Probably the most often cited reason people believe Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber will eventually divorce is because of their young age. Bieber was about 24 when he married Baldwin, who was 22 at the time. A lot of the people who are betting on their relationship’s demise say that these two are obviously too young to be married, and Bieber and Baldwin are often painted to be immature.

For instance, last year on April Fool’s Day, Bieber posted a photo to Instagram that he claimed to be a photo of Baldwin having an ultrasound taken. The two were pregnant, Bieber announced to his excited fans. Only they weren’t actually pregnant. Bieber made up the pregnancy as part of an April Fool’s Day prank, but fans quickly chastised the pop star, explaining that such joke announcements were very painful for people who either struggled to get pregnant or couldn’t get pregnant at all.

Bieber later apologized for the joke, explaining that he hadn’t realized that it might hurt people, but it was too little too late for some. That he wouldn’t think such a thing through before posting the joke to his millions of followers was solid proof that Bieber, at least, wasn’t mature enough to handle the pressures that came along with marriage.

Many, many people believe that the two’s engagement, let alone their wedding, was an impulsive act. Bieber, who had recently broken up with Selena Gomez, his on-again, off-again girlfriend of many years, which put him in a vulnerable place, some people argue. When he began dating Baldwin again, they argue, the two just impulsively decided to get married. The fact that one relationship happened and progressed so quickly after another one ended was further proof that Bieber was moving too fast.

The Ex In The Room

Speaking of Selena Gomez, there are also those who are convinced that Bieber never really got over his ex. The two had dated since they were teens after all, and plenty of people believe that Gomez is Bieber’s first love. That kind of love doesn’t just end, and you don’t just immediately move on to another relationship, some argue.

In their minds, Bieber, heartbroken over ending things with Gomez, found himself back together with Hailey Baldwin. Out of sheer loneliness, and perhaps as a way to make Gomez jealous, Bieber proposed to Baldwin. It’s often noted that Baldwin was a fan of Bieber’s music as a young girl, so of course she’d say yes to the teen idol’s proposal. That’s more than a bit insulting, but the people who believe that stand by their convictions.

Justin Bieber's Struggles With Mental Health

Adding to the belief that Justin Bieber’s marriage to Hailey Baldwin won’t last are Bieber’s mental health and what some refer to as a lull in the pop sensation’s career. Over the past few years, tabloids have zeroed in on Bieber’s mental state. Many of those tabloids insinuated that dealing with her husband’s mental struggles had soured Baldwin on marriage.

Some even went so far as to claim that the model resented Bieber and believed working on his problems was distracting her from her career. Gossip Cop has debunked quite a number of these false stories over the years, which has given us a different perspective. Bieber has been open about his mental health, and Baldwin has always been openly supportive of him.

A few months after getting married at a New York City courthouse, the newlyweds did a joint interview with Vogue. Though it had been less than six months after their impromptu wedding, Baldwin admitted, “The thing is, marriage is very hard. That is the sentence you should lead with. It’s really effing hard.” Critics of the couple proclaimed that Baldwin was already complaining about marriage. If things are difficult now, they argued, just wait.

This early admission that not everything in marriage was easy, and the acknowledgement that they were still working on issues from their brief romance three years earlier, confirmed what some detractors already believed. The two had rushed into this relationship too quickly, and the result would be the early demise of their marriage.

Too On-Again, Off-Again

The shakiness of the foundation of their marriage — their mostly on-again, off-again relationship — also didn’t bode well for the couple’s longevity, some argue. For a brief stretch in 2016, the two dated. In the Vogue interview, both imply that there was a betrayal of some sort that happened and that it was an issue they were still working through at the time.

Then, for the next two years, by Baldwin’s own admission, the two conspicuously avoided each other. Before that, they’d been good friends for almost 10 years. The freeze ended after the two found themselves at the same Christian conference. From that moment on, the sparks flew and they were largely inseparable.

Of all the theories about Bieber and Baldwin’s marriage, perhaps the most unhinged is that the romance was totally manufactured for publicity. Justin Bieber’s sudden breakup with Selena Gomez and equally fast rekindling of his romance with Hailey Baldwin rose a lot of eyebrows. Could the “Yummy” singer have done all this just to keep his name in print and stay relevant in pop culture? The very notion is incredibly insulting, not only to Bieber, but to Baldwin as well.

The Real Truth Of Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin's Marriage

In reality, it’s completely obvious that Baldwin and Bieber are deeply in love with each other. Their many years of friendship obviously laid a firm foundation for their relationship to blossom further. It might seem very sudden from the outside, but people close to the situation have marveled at how good a fit Baldwin and Bieber are for each other. The author of the Vogue article even commented that the two complement each other almost perfectly.

Gossip Cop also has a hard time forgiving tabloids in particular for their part in constantly spreading the rumors of a possible divorce between Bieber and Baldwin. For as long as they have been a couple, tabloids have targeted them with false, cruel, and deeply hurtful rumors for no other reason than to sell trashy magazines. Honestly, it’s remarkable that Bieber and Baldwin have withstood so much hate coming at them from the tabloid media. They might be young, but that doesn’t mean their relationship doesn’t deserve just as much respect as anyone else’s. To treat them with such disdain simply because their relationship doesn’t look the way other people might want it to is about as low as a person can go.


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