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Britney Spears’ relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari, has long generated speculation among the public. There are certain people who view the personal trainer with suspicion, especially since many people, particularly fans, are very protective of Spears. Gossip Cop noticed a trend when it came to how tabloids report on Asghari, so we looked into what the reasons for this perception could possibly be.

How Britney Spears Met Sam Asghari

The two first met in 2016 on the set of Spears’ music video for her song “Slumber Party.” Sam Asghari made quite the impression on Britney Spears during the shooting. Since there was a lot of down time on set, the future couple decided to pass the time by chatting each other up.

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“So we were basically forced to talk to each other and he has no idea—I mean, he knows my name—but he doesn’t know me as a person. He’s like ‘What is this girl like?’ and I have no idea who the hell he is,” the pop star said during a 2017 radio interview, via People.

Spears later reminisced that though she and Asghari were instantly attracted to one another, they almost had a missed connection. Spears explained that after nearly five months since their initial meeting, she decided to fish his phone number out of her bag. “I was like, ‘He was really cute, this guy was really cute,’ so I called him,” the pop star recalled. The sparks flew instantly, with Spears describing him as, “just a really fun, funny person.” From that moment on, the two were practically glued at the hip.

It’s easy to follow their dating history through their respective social media accounts. The two posted dozens upon dozens of photos and videos of themselves together, often participating in intense workouts, clearly a shared passion between the pop star and her personal trainer boyfriend. The only time the two were separated in recent years was when Spears checked into a wellness facility in April 2019.

The Couple's First Test

Several months earlier, in November 2018, the singer’s father, Jamie, became seriously ill after suffering from a spontaneous colon rupture. Asghari, according to sources who spoke with People, really stepped up during this difficult period in Spears’ life. “There is no question that Sam is great for Britney,” the source said, adding, “He has a very positive influence on her. He is very motivated to stay healthy and fit, and they often work out together.”

It seems like, after four years together, Asghari and Spears are committed to each other for the long run. Despite that evident commitment, however, there are still naysayers who doubt Asghari’s intentions. As we said earlier, there seem to be several reasons why some people distrust the fitness trainer/model. One of those reasons is likely his age. Britney Spears is 38-years-old whereas Sam Asghari is 26-years-old.

That twelve year age gap seems pretty substantial to some people. There’s also a bit of a stigma attached to being an “older” woman dating a younger man. The word “boytoy” is often bandied about in an offensive manner. From the outside, it seems to us that what Spears and Asghari share is much more meaningful than just some lady shacking up with a much younger man for fun.

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There’s also the matter of Britney Spears’ mental health. Though reputable sources have said in the past that she’s doing much better since her 2019 stint in a wellness facility, fans, and many others still worry about her mental health. Since those suffering from mental illness have historically been vulnerable to abuse or other forms of manipulation. Although that’s clearly not the case in this circumstance, Spears’ fans keep a vigilant eye on her and Asghari.

There Are Always The Tabloids

The fans aren’t the only ones who keep a close eye on everything Sam Asghari does. The tabloids are incredibly interested in the fitness trainer as well. These outlets, of course, view everyone with suspicion, but Asghari in particular gets an unfairly bad rap.

In 2018, RadarOnline suggested that Britney Spears was almost constantly working out in an effort to keep Asghari from leaving her. A dubious source informed the gossip site, “She's letting her obsession with diet and fitness rule her life to an unhealthy degree,” with the outlet insisting this was all so she wouldn’t lose “her much younger and athletic boy toy.” Gossip Cop didn’t believe this pile of malarky for even one minute. We reached out to our source close to the situation who told us the story was “not true” and added, “RadarOnline is just looking for a negative story.” We determined this story was beyond false.

Asghari "Dumping" Spears?

After Spears checked herself into the wellness treatment facility a little later that month, the National Enquirer took this opportunity to claim Asghari had dumped Spears over her stint in the mental health facility. The outlet tried to back up it’s suspect claims with an anonymous “insider,” who explained, “Sam's not thrilled with the prospect of nurse-maiding Britney back from the brink again.” The source added, “Brit's been a lot for Sam to handle and he's looking to get off this rollercoaster.” The couple’s Instagram accounts painted a much different story. As soon as Spears was released from the facility, she and Asghari picked up right where they left off. Because social media can’t always be trusted to provide a clear picture, Gossip Cop once again reached out to our source in Spears’ camp who confirmed our hunch that the story was “incorrect.”

A few months back, Spears revealed on Instagram that she’d accidentally burned down her gym with a few unattended candles. Woman’s Day, a truly ridiculous outlet, then tried to claim that Asghari would break up with Spears over the incident. The real reason for the fire, the outlet and its sources insisted, was a “meltdown” Spears had over the fact that her conservatorship had been extended. The outlet seemed like it completely forgot that Spears’ father, Jamie, had not been in charge of the singer’s conservatorship for a year. As a result, the tabloid contended that part of the reason Asghari left Spears was because of how controlling her father was. Gossip Cop called bull. The gym fire happened months before, and from subsequent Instagram posts Spears made, it was very clear that she was still with Asghari.

Along those lines, Spears’ conservatorship has been a sticking point for the couple, according to RadarOnline. At the time, Spears had been going to court with her parents to discuss her conservatorship, It was reported that Spears requested either an end to the conservatorship or a lessening of its restrictions. The pop star’s legal case, “is putting a lot of pressure on him and is undoubtedly having a negative impact on their relationship,” a suspicious tipster informed the outlet. Gossip Cop had our doubts, so we checked in with our source close to the situation. We were assured that the legal case was not hurting Spears’ relationship with Asghari. On the contrary, our source described Asghari as “supportive” of his girlfriend.

There’s also been a report from Woman’s Day that claimed Britney Spears had caught Sam Asghari cheating on her. Spears posted a photo of a cheetah to her Instagram page with a fairly cryptic caption and evidently the outlet took this seemingly harmless post as proof that Asghari had been cheating. Cheetah, cheating, very clever. Regarding the post, a source for the publication insisted “it's not a long bow to draw that she's busted him cheating, or at least suspects him of it,” later adding, “she loves him deeply so if he betrayed her, she'd never recover from it.” “If” he betrayed her? So this source wasn’t even certain that any cheating took place at all, but rather speculated that Spears would be hurt if it did. Gossip Cop was once again assured by our Spears source that the story was untrue.

Tabloid Fiction At Its Worst

Britney Spears has long been a target for the tabloid media, ever since she was a teenager, really. It’s a shame that she’s had to deal with the same insane press that she did when she was younger, and even more of a shame that Sam Asghari has been dragged into this nonsense. From what we can tell, the two seem to be a perfectly lovely couple.


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