Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out “The Talk” For Mispronouncing “The View” Co-Hosts’ Names – WATCH VIDEO

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Whoopi Goldberg The Talk Video

By Shari Weiss |

Whoopi Goldberg The Talk Video


Whoopi Goldberg seemingly shaded the women of “The Talk” on Thursday when she called them out for mispronouncing the names of “The View” co-hosts. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the 2017 Daytime Emmys nominations were announced Wednesday on “The Talk.” The show’s panelists revealed the nominees of select categories, including Outstanding Talk Show – Entertainment and Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. Both series were nominated in both categories, but it was the latter that required “The Talk” hosts to read aloud the names of the nominated “View” co-hosts. Sara Gilbert, however, butchered the pronunciation of Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila, and Sunny Hostin.

This was not lost on Goldberg, who took time out of Thursday’s “The View” to point it out. The moderator said, “Yesterday, the Daytime Emmys nominations were announced. I think they were announced on ‘The Talk,’ and I think a couple of the women weren’t sure of the pronunciation of everyone’s names, so please introduce yourself so people know.”

Goldberg went around the table so Bila, Haines, and Hostin could each announce the correct way to say their names. (When it was Joy Behar’s turn, she amusingly said “Angelina Jolie.”) Goldberg said afterward, “We’re thrilled that you guys announced us. We love that, and we just wanted to say, ‘Hey, here’s our you do our names,’ ’cause maybe our names or some of our names are a little more difficult for folks, if they know [them].”

She then touted the five total nominations “The View” received, although “The Talk” earned eight and is the reigning Outstanding Talk Show – Entertainment winner. As fans well know, there’s long been a rivalry between the two talk shows. Cast members from each have dissed the other over the years, as Gossip Cop has reported.

In 2013, Sharon Osbourne even apologized for saying “The View” hosts “can go f*ck themselves.” Here, it’s quite possible, of course, that Gilbert just made an innocent mistake when reading off the names. Interestingly, Goldberg didn’t mention Gilbert’s name at all. Check out the videos on the Emmys announcement flub below.

UPDATE: Gilbert apologized on Thursday’s episode of “The Talk,” a few hours after Goldberg’s comments on “The View.” She blamed the mispronunciations on being “nervous” and only seeing the names “in the moment.” She also acknowledged struggling with the names of some of “The Real” co-hosts. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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