Whoopi Goldberg Surprised With Photo Of Late Mom On “The View” – WATCH VIDEO

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Whoopi Goldberg Mom Teacher The View

By Shari Weiss |

Whoopi Goldberg Mom Teacher The View


Whoopi Goldberg was surprised with a photo of her late mom on Monday’s “The View.” Check out the video below.

Goldberg’s beloved mother, Emma Harris Johnson, died in 2010. The two had an extremely close relationship, and Goldberg revealed as recently as February that she’s still trying to process her death. But when she came to work on “The View” today, she didn’t know she would get a new memory to treasure.

About halfway through the live broadcast, Goldberg noted it was Teacher Appreciation Week, and singled out a teacher in the audience, Mia Saggese. The moderator revealed Saggese is teaching in the same classroom her mom taught in at the Elliott-Chelsea Community Center, as part of the Head Start program. In honor of her mother, Goldberg announced Saggese would get money to pay for all her needed supplies.

Goldberg, however, wasn’t told that Saggese had something for her, too. At the school she found an old photo of the star’s mom teaching, and now presented it to Goldberg in a frame. The comedienne was clearly surprised and touched, and went on to recall her mother’s impact. “One of the best things in the world was watching my mother teach children how to get through a myriad of things, including death,” she said.

Goldberg described her mom leaving a rotting pumpkin in her classroom, over parental objections, so kids would understand what happens when things die. “So for me, she was amazing. She was great. She was a great Head Start teacher,” said “The View” co-host. Watch the video below.

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