Whoopi Goldberg Invites Stephen Miller On To “The View” (VIDEO)

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Whoopi Goldberg Stephen Miller The View

By Shari Weiss |

Whoopi Goldberg Stephen Miller The View


Whoopi Goldberg invited Stephen Miller on to “The View,” challenging him to defend his voter fraud claims. Watch below.

Miller, a senior adviser to President Trump, appeared on several cable news shows on Sunday, vigorously defending policies such as the immigration ban, and insisting that there was mass voter fraud during the presidential election. In one interview, he adamantly argued the latter issue, and vowed, “I’m prepared to go on any show, anywhere, any time” and “repeat” those beliefs.

So, on Monday’s “The View,” that led Goldberg to say, “Okay, Mr. Miller, we’re expecting you to say it here. Just because you keep saying it, doesn’t mean it makes you correct… So, my friend, you said you’re prepared to come on, come on. We have questions. We’d love to talk to you.”

The co-hosts went on to discuss Miller’s comments in details, and Sara Haines called his tone “scary,” even comparing it to something out of “Game of Thrones.” Jedediah Bila noted, “There were components that I found myself agreeing with policy-wise, but his delivery was not to reach out to the masses… It was far-right ideology, and that’s not pervasive.”

From there, though, the panelists once again debated the “Muslim ban,” with Goldberg and Bila arguing over Trump’s actions. Check out the video below.

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