Whoopi Goldberg SLAMS New York Times For Calling Her “Troublemaker” (VIDEO)

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Whoopi Goldberg New York Times

By Daniel Gates |

Whoopi Goldberg New York Times


Whoopi Goldberg went off on Monday’s “The View,” blasting The New York Times for calling her a “troublemaker” in a recent article about the show’s long, often drama-filled run. Watch the video below.

The co-host said a “dopey article written by some woman” had “impugned [her] reputation” by saying Goldberg starts fights. “Lady, I don’t start fights. Often times, I will finish them, but I don’t start them,” Goldberg declared to cheers from the audience.

Goldberg was particularly upset by the newspaper’s decision to “go into the back hills to muckrake” instead of focusing on how the show is right now. “I’m really a halfway decent person,” said Goldberg, adding, “Don’t write stuff you can’t prove… It wasn’t true, and I don’t like being impugned that way.”

The Times article, which called “The View” television’s “most dysfunctional family,” does not focus on Goldberg, instead providing an overview of the daytime series’ 17-year history of drama among various co-hosts. The show’s creator and most constant co-host, the now-retired Barbara Walters, is cast as “the long-suffering matriarch” of an “unruly brood” of squabbling provocateurs.

In the piece, Goldberg is referred to as a “troublemaker” who’s “always ready to pick a fight,” mentions tension between her and Rosie O’Donnell, and refers to a 2010 incident when Goldberg and Joy Behar walked offstage after guest Bill O’Reilly made a comment with which they disagreed. Watch Goldberg’s fiery response to the New York Times article in the video below, and tell us what you think.


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