Whoopi Goldberg On Matt Damon Gay Comments: Sexuality Has “Nothing To Do” With Acting Abilities (VIDEO)

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Whoopi Goldberg Matt Damon Gay Comments

By Andrew Shuster |

Whoopi Goldberg Matt Damon Gay Comments

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Whoopi Goldberg discussed on Tuesday’s “The View” Matt Damon’s recent remarks suggesting gay actors’ careers are better off if they stay in the closet. The talk show host disagreed with the actor’s opinion, insisting that regardless of whether the audience is aware of an actor’s sexuality, it shouldn’t affect their performance. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Damon told The Guardian in an interview that he believes being openly gay in Hollywood can be detrimental to one’s career. Damon cited Rupert Everett specifically, pointing out that the actor starred as the leading man in a few popular romantic comedies opposite women before coming out of the closet, and his career then took a hit once audiences found out he was gay. On Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Damon argued that knowing about an actor’s sexuality affects how their performance is received, because it takes away the “mystery.”

But on “The View,” Goldberg noted, “I played a gay woman, in Color Purple, a man in The Associate and we’re actors. We’re supposed to be able to play everything and play it convincingly.” The daytime host and Oscar winner added, “So, I don’t think whether you know, or think, or believe I’m gay has nothing to do with what my abilities are. As an actor that’s how I feel.” It should be noted, however, that Damon never insinuated that one’s sexuality affected their acting ability. He said that when the public knows too much about an actor’s personal life, in any capacity, it can prevent the audience from believing them as a certain character.

Goldberg, however, disagreed with that notion as well, saying, “When you see a Marlon Brando movie, you know it’s Marlon Brando.” She added, “If it’s a famous face, it’s always going to be, ‘Oh my God! Look at so and so,’ because that’s the face and then your mind says, ‘I believe what you’re doing.'” She concluded, “I don’t think it has anything to do with how I view you as an actor.”

Watch the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think about Goldberg’s reaction to Damon’s comments about gay actors. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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