Whoopi Goldberg Tells Keanu Reeves About Losing Pubic Hair With Age (VIDEO)

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Whoopi Goldberg Keanu Reeves Graham Norton

By Andrew Shuster |

Whoopi Goldberg Keanu Reeves Graham Norton

(Graham Norton Show)

Whoopi Goldberg baffled Keanu Reeves on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” when she made the revelation that women lose their pubic hair as they get older. Watch the funny video below!

During her guest spot on the British talk show, the 61-year-old Goldberg explained that the new stand-up show she’s performing in the U.K. is mainly “about waking up and realizing you’re not the youngest thing in the room anymore.” She added, “All the things that that entails. Because everything’s on the floor, you’re picking it up, you’re putting it on your head. It’s a whole thing.”

Host Norton then interjected and asked Goldberg to explain the “mysterious hair loss for women” she refers to in her act. “You mean the balding pudenda?” Goldberg said, to which fellow guest Reeves confusedly responded, “What? What is that?” But as Goldberg began to explain, Reeves added, “Oh wait, do I want to know what this is?”

“I don’t know, but I would just put it this way,” Goldberg told the actor. “There was once a time where…” but as Reeves began nervously bracing for the explanation, Goldberg said, “I don’t even know if I should tell him,” to which he shouted, “I’m really scared!” Goldberg finally noted, “Once where there was an afro that I could put beads on and braid, there is now Paul Schaffer’s head.” Watch the funny “Graham Norton Show” video below!

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