Whoopi Goldberg Talks ‘The View’ Hosts Fighting Backstage On ‘Howard Stern Show’ — LISTEN HERE

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Whoopi Goldberg Howard Stern 2015

By Andrew Shuster |

Whoopi Goldberg Howard Stern 2015

(Howard Stern Show)

Whoopi Goldberg appeared on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show,” where she addressed rumors that the co-hosts of “The View” are constantly fighting backstage. Listen to the interview below!

Stern asked Goldberg what the situation was like behind the scenes of the ABC talk show considering that “so many people [are] coming in and out of that thing.” The radio host estimated that there have been nearly a dozen different co-hosts in the past few years. “I get a check. I sit down. Whoever is at the table, that’s who I talk to,” Goldberg answered.

Stern pointed out that the “chemistry is important,” but Goldberg went on to say that she has nothing to do with whether a co-host leaves the show. “I don’t choose who sits at the table,” she explained. “That is done by ABC. They make the decisions, and if I want to keep my check, I roll with it.”

Stern, however, also brought up that there have been a lot of rumors indicating most of the co-hosts don’t get along with each other. “That’s crazy,” Goldberg said. “The infighting is only good for publicity. It doesn’t have anything to do with what’s actually going on.” She added that she actually doesn’t mind if the press wants to claim there’s constant backstage fighting, because the controversy only brings in more viewers.

Goldberg also insisted that Rosie O’Donnell’s decision to quit the show earlier this year had nothing to do with the other women on the panel. “It wasn’t a fight with us,” she revealed. “Rosie was going through all kinds of stuff, so she made a decision to take herself out and deal with her family.”

Listen below to Goldberg’s interview on the “Howard Stern Show,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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