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A tabloid is reporting that Whoopi Goldberg is feuding with her co-hosts on The View. The show is known for combative arguments and opinionated topics, but has Goldberg taken it too far? Gossip Cop investigates.

'Witchy Whoopi' Is Giving Her Co-Hosts A Hard Time?

According to the Globe, “Witchy Whoopi” is chewing out her cast-mates on the popular daytime talk show. The tabloid also labels the host as “Whip-Cracking” and states Goldberg is “riding roughshod” which is leading her co-hosts to whine that she’s a “self-obsessed, money-grubbing” tyrant. A source tells the magazine,

Whoopi’s disenchanted with her role on the show and that’s become a problem for everybody.

The insider says, Goldberg, who’s been on The View since 2007, is “nailing the political commentaries” but she’s been “badgering the other ladies to step up and quit expecting her to be The View’s political know it all.” Gossip Cop should mention that each of the ladies on The View has some sort of background in politics. For example, Ana Navarro, who is a weekly guest co-host on the show, is a political strategist. Still, the Globe insists the actress “quizzes” her fellow hosts.

Even Joy Behar Has Had Enough?

One person, in particular, that is fed up with the Sister Act star is Joy Behar, who, the tabloid states, feels like she isn’t "getting the respect she deserves.” “Joy and Meghan [McCain] haven’t always gotten along, and they’ve clashed more times than not, but on the subject of Whoopi, they agree: She’s a ‘B-word’,” adds the unnamed source. The informant further reveals Goldberg is “sick” of having to carry the show, and though she has other acting gigs lined up, she’s finding the working on The View “tedious” and the other women “lazy.” “It makes her hell on wheels to work with,” the source states.

Is Whoopi Goldberg A Tyrant? Here's The Truth Behind The Story

As Gossip Cop has pointed out, the ladies on The View all have some sort of experience in politics, so the idea that Whoopi Goldberg is the only host on the show to understand that subject is incorrect. A rep for The View denies the phony article and states the entire panel is “dedicated professionals who are all extremely prepared to tackle the hot topics.” Simply put, the tabloid's story is bogus and untrue. Anyone familiar with the daytime show knows the ladies of the table don’t hold back from speaking their minds about any topic. That doesn’t mean there are any “feuds” happening between them.

Constant Tabloid 'Drama'

The Globe has purported there was drama on the set of The View before. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the supermarket tabloid for claiming the co-hosts wanted Meghan McCain to quit. Earlier this year, we debunked a report from the same paper that alleged Whoopi Goldberg was going to quit The View because of McCain. None of the ladies from the talk show have left, and they all seem to get along well even despite their passionate discussions.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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